Canadian Andrew Searles is a rising star who’s now proudly enjoying the spotlight in Los Angeles. His GQ-worthy good looks, effortless charm and wicked sense of humour are delighting audiences, as both a stand-up comic and featured actor. Searles has appeared in features such as “Sharkboy” and “Remove,” and the television series “Geeks Underground.”  He can also be seen in numerous commercials for “Moore’s Menswear” and “MacDonald’s.

Searles’ dedication to his craft began early on. The Montreal-born performer was named one of the “Montreal Mirror: Top 10 Best Stand-up Comedians in Montreal” four years in a row, as well as a finalist in “SiriusXM Canada’s Top Comic” competition.

In 2011, Searles and comedian Rodney Ramsey co-produced “The Underground Comedy Railroad” tour, showcasing Canada’s top black comedians. The annual tours, which reached 10 cities in 2014, were warmly embraced by audiences and critics alike. The UCR’s goals were to “introduce the voice of Black Canadians, who have limited access to the mainstream media… and give center stage to one of the country’s smallest visible minorities.”

In 2013, Searles made his name as a solo headliner/producer/writer of “C’est Moi! C’est Chocolat!” (“It’s Me! It’s Chocolate!”) The show’s title is based on Searles’ signature catchphrase. The show reflected the bachelor’s experiences of being surrounded by friends who were having children, along with an array of other relatable and topical material. It was a smash success, breaking box office records at Montreal’s Sainte Catherine Theatre. In 2015, Searles followed up with “C’est Moi! C’est Papa Chocolat!” which sold out at ComedyWorks.

While Los Angeles offers myriad opportunities for an up-and-coming performer, Searles is grateful to have been raised in his home town’s ethnically diverse community. “So many cultures mix and interact with each other in Montreal.” As a producer, writer, actor and comedian, Searles proudly celebrates his heritage and his life experiences—usually though laughter.

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