Ethnic Show 2016

JFL 2016: Ethnic Show Premiere

The Ethnic Show premiered on Wednesday night as part of the 34th edition of the Just For Laughs Festival. While hundreds of people flocked towards Club Soda for the second of two shows, a young child accompanie... Read More...
The Kicker by Vance Gillis

Review: The Kicker

Vance Gillis’ play “The Kicker” caused much laughter and eye-brows raising in disbelief on Wednesday night at the Fringe Festival. Inspired by the documentary “Live from New York”, Gillis’ play is a comedic pie... Read More...
Festival St-Ambroise Fringe 2016

First Timer at the 13th Hour

The money wheel spun and decided that the crowd should unleash a primal yell for 10 seconds; and so the crowd let out the biggest roar that filled Le Petit Campus on Tuesday night. The 13th Hour was underway. ... Read More...