This Sunday, comedian Dion Owen returns to COOP Katacombes, with Volume 5 of the “Album Cover Comedy Show.”

The first TACCS premiered in November 2015. An interview with Owen, featured on, follows. (Examiner closed its site in June 2016.) Since its debut, Owen has produced and starred in a series of exultant comedy evenings. His key to success: Shine the spotlight on Montreal’s most influential talent, all on the cusp of break-out stardom.

This week’s show, hosted by Owen, is headlined by ex-Aussie, Paul Worrall, a seasoned pro with a dazzling set of credits, including a Legends of Laughter Award.

TACCS also features Bianca Yates, a sensation at Montreal’s Zoofest, Ladyfest 2016, and a performer with L.A.’s The Groundlings. Rounding out the bill are Jason Yearow and Oren Shbiro, two local faves, who are sure to deliver an evening of non-stop laughs. Photographer Reese Turner is the talent behind the show’s poster, which pays homage to The Ramones.

As was the case with previous TACCS, the $10 tickets sell out quickly. Don’t miss out!

The Album Cover Comedy Show, Vol. 5

October 2, 8 p.m.

COOP Katacombes

1635 St Laurent

(514) 861-6151

Tickets: $10


With technology evolving at breakneck speed, is there still room for the classic record album? Vinyl is alive and well—in fact, it’s the inspiration for a new series of Montreal comedy shows. “The Album Cover Comedy Show,” which takes place this Sunday at COOP Katacombes, is the brainchild of transplanted West Coaster Dion Owen, now one of Montreal’s most promising comedians.
TACCS is billed as “a platform for local comics to spoof their favorite album covers and then strut their comedic might.” Sharing the stage with Owen will be Emma Wilkie, who runs über cool comedy room “There’s Something Going On at Blue Dog,” newbie Reese Turner and Matt Shury. Christopher Venditto, whose hosting skills are generating big buzz, MCs the show.

Wilkie, a graphic artist and Turner, a gifted photographer, created this show’s poster, a tribute to the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”

Born in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Owen is an athlete, actor and academic. All these skills serve him well as a keen observer, who treats his comedy “like a Master’s Thesis.”  As a Sociology Major/Theater Minor at university, Owen first became intrigued by “the unexpected mental connection” in comedy. Accomplished in improvisation and stage craft, Owen soon began stand-up. Shortly thereafter, he organized a cross-Canada bike trip from Vancouver, performing comedy along the way. “When I reached Montreal, my knees gave out,” he blithely explains.

Owen embraced his new home and in the past 18 months, his comedy career has ignited. Owen loves Montreal’s artsy vibe and converses effortlessly in both languages. “Luckily, my parents put me in French Immersion School, until age 12.” When not regularly performing across the city, Owen works as a bike mechanic and leads an after school program for children, ages nine to 12. He also volunteers for several bike cooperatives.

A dedicated comedian who considers himself “competitively individualistic,” Owen is committed to daily writing sessions, occasionally with other comics. He’s now putting the finishing touches on some French language material, with the support of his mentor, comedian François Tousignant, through Quebec’s “Jeunes Volontaires/Young Volunteers.”

TACCS promises to be a dynamic evening of comedy that will also showcase the comedians, for future engagements.  “The show will be recorded with three cameras. Each comedian will have a 20 minute set, professionally cut, with a mike in the audience,” Owen explains. With an abundance of talent and professionalism, Dion Owen’s TACCS is a guaranteed Gold Record.


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