From May 29 to June 18, St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, or Montreal FRINGE 2017, celebrates its 27th edition. With over 700 presentations by more than 500 artists, the most Montréalais of the city’s festivals proudly upholds its principles of equality, accessibility and freedom of expression.

  • Artists are chosen by lottery, or on a first-come, first-accepted basis, making a diverse and eclectic festival.
  • Artists are completely uncensored, in their writing or presentations.
  • Artists keep 100% of their box office revenues.
  • Tickets are priced at $10 or less, offering an affordable Arts experience for all.

    Paul Cargnello, Montreal FRINGE Porte-parole 2017

At yesterday’s press conference, Amy Blackmore, FRINGE Executive and Artistic Director, proudly unveiled this year’s highlights. She began by introducing 2017 Porte-parole (Spokesperson), musician Paul Cargnello, who expressed his delight at representing the “diverse and kick-ass” festival. Cargnello promised to provide FRINGE with a theme song.

This year’s highlights include “FRINGE-for-All,” the festival launch on May 29.  “FRINGE-Social,” on May 30, is a chance for everyone to celebrate and mingle. On June 8, the “International FRINGE-for-All” showcases talent from outside Quebec. For those with boundless energy, “L’Apres FRINGE: 13th Hour + Dance Party” are fun, free options on several evenings. “The Frankie Awards” close the festival on June 18.

The FRINGE has always been steadfastly bilingual and inclusive. The lottery system offers opportunities for artists of every description, with the following formula, to ensure local representation:

  • 35% English-speaking Quebecers
  • 35%  French-speaking Quebecers
  • 15% Elsewhere in Canada
  • 15% International Artists

Thanks to the generous support of its sponsors, the FRINGE is able to maintain its model. New this year, the FRINGE Menu enables local restaurants to promote festival, by offering FRINGE menu items. Audiences can show their support for the festival, while enjoying great meals. In particular, Blackmore expressed her gratitude to key sponsor Ste. Ambroise, whose 27th anniversary coincides with the FRINGE’s.

Last November, Montreal played host to the World FRINGE Congress, held for the very first time, outside of Edinburgh. Over 50 participating international festivals marveled at Montreal’s uniquely egalitarian structure.

On July 11, for the first time, World FRINGE Day celebrates 70 years of FRINGE movement, across the globe. Blackmore invites all Montrealers to come FRINGE this year, and urges fans to share their experiences and interact with the festival through social media, using the hashtag #fringebuzz. In reference to the festival’s Queen Bee symbol, Blackmore declares, “Word of mouth is King and #fringebuzz is Queen!”

St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, 27th Edition

May 28 to June 18, 2017

Ticket Packages: (On sale TBA)

Ménage-à-trois $33, Gold $66, Platinum: $99, Carte Blanche: $275




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