Montreal comedians Keith Waterfield and Leighland Beckman have found the secret to turning life’s tragic and most awkward moments into engaging and hilarious entertainment. Their live comedy talk show, “Life Lessons,” featured at this year’s Just for Laughs Off-JFL, has been a Montreal favorite for over three years. In 2014, CultMTL named it “Montreal’s most entertaining anecdotes, live…. one of the most reliable choices for entertainment in the city.” “Life Lessons” also earned rave reviews at this year’s St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival.

Beckman is a self-described “musical comedian who plays bass and sings delightfully disgusting songs.” His band Aural Turpitude, who’ll be recording their first album this year, is featured in “Life Lessons.” In addition to this show, Beckman hosts the charmingly filthy “The Dirty Show.

Waterfield, well-known throughout Montreal’s theatre community, has had a string of comedy hits over the past few years, including “Laugh Pack Late Show” and “Genius Gold.” He explains why “Life Lessons” draws such loyal fans.

“The show has gone through some changes but it’s always been comedic conversations about sad moments in our lives. There’s always a theme with each show. Our guests will come up with a story on the theme and then they tell it to us through a conversational interview. Leighland and I make off the cuff comments throughout the show and always end each conversation by finding the lesson learned from their story.” Another not-so-secret ingredient: “We also share alcohol with our guest—a toast or cheers to the sad moments that we’re about to make funny.”

This special JFL edition of “Life Lessons” includes guests Mary Lynn Rajskub from “24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub,” Ali Hassan from “Muslim, Interrupted” and Canada’s Poet Laurete George Elliott Clarke. With an eclectic mix like that, all that’s needed are some ice cubes and a shaker. Cheers to “Life Lessons!”

“’Life Lessons: A Live Comedy Talk Show”

July 23, 10:30 p.m.

Mainline Theatre

3997 boul. St-Laurent

Tickets: $20.87


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