Montreal comedy producer Rashta Kruger, of Krash Productions, is equal parts talent, business savvy and nonstop energy! Along with managing three bars— ComedyWorks, John Doe and Pistolero—Kruger runs the most beloved indie comedy room in the city: ‘There’s Something Funny Going On’ at Blue Dog.

“The Ginger Show – Growing Up Ginger”

TSFGO’s boulevard St-Laurent location puts it at the epicentre of Montreal’s myriad festivals, making it the perfect drop-in spot for comedians and audiences alike.

Kruger founded TSFGO in 2012, with comedian Emma Wilkie, who’s since moved on to headlining comedy shows across Montreal and beyond. With TSFGO’s fifth anniversary approaching, Kruger is almost too busy to celebrate. In January, she produced “A Creepy Crawly Comedy Show” at ComedyWorks, a fusion of Pat’s Pet Show and stand-up comedy. The combo was a huge success, which may lead to a follow-up. “Maybe around Halloween time,” Kruger hints, with a grin.

This Sunday, Kruger is co-producing “The Ginger Show – Growing Up Ginger” at ComedyWorks.  Kruger came up with the idea while chatting with comedian Rachel Gendron. “Rachel and I were sitting together after a show; we’ve have always had such a great rapport. I said, ‘We should do something together.’” Since both are redheads, or gingers, the idea just clicked. “I immediately started making a list of every redhead comedian in the city!” As it turns out, it’s quite an array of stand-up and improv talent; Kruger even convinced rapper sensation Chuggo Freeman to join in. “The show will be an evening of storytelling and reminiscences, mixed with lots of humour.” (Full disclosure: This interview’s freckle-faced author is on the bill.)

What inspires Kruger to produce her shows? “When I get a good idea, I get a picture in my head. It starts to come together really easily. If I can’t get that image, then it’s not meant to be.” Along with inspiration, a great producer needs business acumen, which Kruger has in spades. “It comes naturally to me; I grew up in a business home… I’m all about promotion—sometimes shameless promotion,” she laughs.

When asked what her dream show would be to produce, Kruger’s answer is immediate. “Every week is my dream show—I love producing local talent!” How does she choose her lineups? “I look for new material, stage presence and audience reactions… Even if they aren’t that funny yet, if they’re original, I can see their potential.” Kruger’s obvious delight in spotting new talent and her excitement in sharing it with her audiences make her the dedicated producer that she is. Do audiences have any chance of seeing her on stage one day? Kruger laughs, “No! I like being behind the scenes!”

“The Ginger Show – Growing Up Ginger”

ComedyWorks Montreal

1238 Bishop

(514) 876-8777

April 30, 2017 8 p.m.

Tickets: $8/5 students

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