Comedian Moshe Kasher returns to Just for Laughs Montreal, to host two JFL All Access Live tapings at Club Soda. Mobtreal enjoyed chatting with Kasher, who’s in the midst of The Endless Honeymoon Tour with his wife, Natasha Leggero.

Mobtreal: So happy to hear you’ll be back in Montreal!

Kasher: Thanks—looking forward to it!

Mobtreal: What do you remember about your first Just for Laughs festival?

Kasher: Pressure—that’s all. I remember feeling pressured and feeling overwhelmed. Oh yeah, I also remember being put at an off-site hotel and feeling out of it… At the first festival, you feel the weight of the experience; at the second one, you’re there to have fun.

Mobtreal: You’re currently on your Endless Honeymoon Tour with lovely Natasha. One of the tough things about comedy is being alone on the road. It must be great to travel together.

Kasher: It’s the best! We eliminated the one Achilles’ heel of stand-up comedy. When you’re on the road, you can be the king or queen on stage, but at the end of the night, you’re stuck in your hotel room, watching Netflix. Instead, we get to tour—it makes the experience ten times better.

All Access Live JFLMTL

Mobtreal: Are you working on any projects together? Do you give each other feedback?

Kasher: Oh sure, I’ve written for her show on Comedy Central… We definitely give each other advice. The other great thing about being married to a comedian is that you’re getting feedback from someone you love and respect.

Mobtreal: Tell me a little about your Comedy Central show, Problematic.

Kasher: Problematic is a TV talk show featuring complicated topics; it’s based on my podcast, Hound Tall. I’m a big believer in big conversations. We’re at a point now where people can’t have conversations with anyone they disagree with. It’s the disease of this modern era.

Mobtreal: On July 27, you’re hosting two shows for JFL All Access at Club Soda.  You’re a great host! Do you have any advice?

Kasher: Thanks! For me, it’s to be magnanimous and to be funny. It’s important to be interested and stay interested—for any host… It was my curiousity that got me into comedy.

Mobtreal: I noticed you have Hate Mail on your site. Does it keep you grounded?

Kasher: It doesn’t help my humility, if that’s what you mean. I just think there’s a lot of ugliness out there, and the best reaction is to just laugh about it.

Mobtreal: That’s what our festival’s about. What can you say about our beautiful city?

Kasher: What can I say? You guys just lucked out— Montreal is a great city! …All I know is that you’re (Canadians) are a lot like us, but you have a magnanimous leader.

All Access Live, Hosted by Moshe Kasher

July 27, 7 & 10 p.m.

Club Soda

(514) 845-3155

Tickets: $35.99, $49.99

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