The Yellow Door Comedy Show

The Yellow Door Comedy Show

The Yellow Door Comedy Show, in the heart of McGill University’s Ghetto district, is attracting comedy-lovers from across the city.

Canada’s longest-running coffeehouse, The Yellow Door was established in the late 1960s by a group of local artists, to showcase their music and poetry. Throughout the years, the building has played an active role in the community, providing meals and services to students, the elderly and those without refuge. Now, in addition to music and spoken word events, the beloved landmark features stand-up comedy.

Comedian and Yellow Door Comedy Show co-founder Keiran Watters explains how the shows began. “In the summer of 2015, co-founder Max Lemaire told me about a weekly open stage show in the McGill Ghetto, where we could get some stage time.  Marc Nerenberg, president of the Yellow Door and the stage show’s host, thought too many comics were showing up. He suggested we run a comedy show there on Wednesdays.”

What sets Yellow Door Comedy apart from other indie comedy rooms is its non-profit ven

ue. “The initial goal was to create a weekly show featuring all types of comics, and to pay them. Since we have no costs and we don’t sell anything, we have the luxury of being able to give all the admissions back to the comics at the end of the show; this offers them an extra incentive to bring people. The comics feel good because they’re being valued and the audience feels good about supporting them. The Yellow Door has been incredibly supportive, even assisting us with some funding for promotion.”

Yellow Door Comedy Shows alternate bi-weekly, between pay-what-you-can traditional Open Mics and Pro Closers, where a professional comic performs a 15-20 minute paid spot and the admission is five dollars. “For the Pro shows, we put on the comics who are consistently getting better and who have supported the room; they get to do a bit more time alongside a pro.”

Along with honing their comedic skills as the Yellow Door Comedy Shows’ hosts, Watters and Lemaire are proud to be supporting the city’s comedy community and its future break-out stars—which will likely include them!


The Yellow Door Comedy Show

Wednesdays, 8 p.m.

3625 rue Alymer

Admission: PWYC or $5 Pro Show




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