Bonnie McFarlane is coming to the Just For Laughs Festival

Are you ready Montreal?

Bonnie McFarlane hails from Northern Canada but is still always cold. A national headlining comedian, McFarlane’s radio and television credits includes an HBO special, two Comedy Central specials, as well as multiple appearances on the Tonight Show and Late Show.

She is coming to the Just For Laughs Festival this year. Performing at the fan-favorite Nasty Show and also doing a show with her husband Rich Vos called “Would You Bang Him?“.

I got to chat with her in the flesh about her upcoming shows at the festival.

You’ll be doing the Nasty Show this year as well as a show with your husband Rich Vos. Are you excited?

I am. I’m very excited. Like big time in Montreal. You know Just for Laughs it’s the biggest festivals and The Nasty show is one of the biggest shows.

Being one of the 2 ladies on the show, do you think you will give the boys a run for their money?

You know it’s so funny I never think about it. I don’t because I’ve been in this business a long time and I guess you know I’ve been the token woman more than once. And now I just don’t think about it in terms of gender. And a lot of ways because I just want to go out, be funny and make people uncomfortable.

I’ve watched some of your sketches and I can see how it would make people feel a certain way, uncomfortable. Why do you think that is?

Some women don’t know how to take it when we want to be funny. They don’t get that other woman talk like that. They’re like oh “you’re a woman you can’t talk like that.”

Like the audience sometimes. I find it fascinating because I think sometimes when people get upset material especially sexual stuff, you’re like “well what are you watching on TV?”. I mean damn HBO. Yes. It’s all over there. I think people forget that they’re not in an office anymore. You know, now you’re out you’re like this is I don’t, and then they only see comedy on television or even if you watch it on Netflix it’s not the same thing.

You are doing a show with your husband Rich Vos ” Would You Bang Him?” – What is that about?

“Would You Bang Him?” is a show that my husband Rich Vos and I came up with and we have four female comedian judges that are really good comics they judge the guys. We have guy comics come up and do four or five minutes of material and then the judges decide whether they would bang them or not.

It’s just so silly and fun. That show goes off the rails. That is the guys get mad.  I’ve seen a few meltdowns you know but it is fun because everybody is so quick and witty so that’s amazing.

What do you think the audience can expect from you at the Nasty show?

Well, I’m going to do some nasty material. I don’t know if nasty is the right word. I mean I understand a certain boundary. Mouth dropping but leaving them gasping.

I really don’t want people to get offended by my comedy. I want people to have a good time but sometimes my sense of humour is darker.

Are you still doing your podcast?

My husband and I still do. We do it once a week. Whether we want to or not, like sex he talks me into it. We do.

Does your daughter travel with you?  Is she coming to the festival?

She doesn’t always travel with us but she’s coming this year. I’m here for 11 days so I’m bringing her and my dog. All the negotiations are still around whether I can bring my dog to the hotel here or not.

If the hotels pet-friendly so I was like you signed me up. But she’s a little Yorkie. She’s so cute. We’re just going to  do vacation kind of stuff every day. If I had to be here by myself for 11 days I wouldn’t make it.

This interview has been edited for publishing

We hope you have a Mobtastic show Bonnie McFarlane!~ We will be in the audience cheering you on 100%.

Thank you for your time. It was Fabulous meeting you and See you all at the Show.

Bonnie and Me

Bonnie McFarlane and City Boss Belinda


Buy your tickets to see Bonnie McFarlane and the Crew at the Just for Laughs Festival Nasty Show going on from July 17th to July 27th at MTelus

also, be sure to check out  “Would You Band Him?” playing at the Mainline Theatre July 26th.

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