C2 Montreal Event day one mission completed!

What we found out about C2 Montréal event!

C2 Montréal Event is a three-day immersive event that will transform the way you do business and our day one is completed.
C2 brings together commerce & creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. Each year, in a collaborative environment specifically designed to provoke collisions and spark new ideas. C2 inspires 5,000 executives across continents and industries to challenge their biases. They shift their perspective and explore completely new ways of doing business.

C2 is a business conference, only different! Way different!

C2 Montreal event is one of the most forward-thinking business events in the world, it was named “Best conference” for four years running. C2 is much more than just simply a conference because they combine progressive and inspiring content in a highly creative, festival-like setting that will blow your mind. At C2, guests transform into active participants who aren’t afraid to dive right in. The C2 Montreal Event is for business leaders who want to lead the pack.

Our mission for day one, learn the event space!

Montreal is a huge construction zone right now. So, Mobtreal always opts for public transportation STM, when going to an event in the city, but this time there were shuttle buses posted in several spots throughout the city to get to the event location if you didn’t want to go by taxi or drive. C2 is a huge event area and with our Press pass around our neck, we walked the long walk to get to the main area but it never fails, no matter how many times you look over an event map it’s still puzzling. Once we’re inside this time proved to be no different.

Many of the events were at full sessions, so we decided our first’s day mission was going to be spent exploring the massive event space. Once inside we walked all over the place, exploring all the ins and outs. Finding the hidden treasures we would come back to see tomorrow. The misty ambiance and the music picked for the event were very earthy & balanced. Truly, the event area had a slightly mysterious vibe to it. The main stage had a baby grand piano in the center and was covered in beach sand so many interviews were done in bare feet. Every corner you turned had something new to attract your attention. We are super ready for day two tomorrow even though it is calling for rain for the next four days there will be lots to do on the inside.

Pictures of our journey around C2 Montreal day one!

C2 Acrobatics

C2 Acrobatics

C2 Montreal

C2 Montreal Event

Entrance to the path

C2 Aquarium

C2 Aquarium

C2 Montreal

Thinking in Colours

C2 Pivot

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