First Review: Monster Spectacular XXV in Montreal, QC.

When your nephew wants to blog like his Aunt B

What do you do since losing your job Aunt B? This was the question I was asked by my 7-year-old nephew last month, so this is how this review came to life. As I explain to my nephew my story of how I lost my job after 12 yrs of service due to a work injury, he listened intently on what blogging is all about. How I go to events, promote them via my blog and social media, then write reviews on the events for others to see how the event went. I could see that he wasn’t getting the meaning. So, I knew this was the time he was ready to cover his first event for Mobtreal.

Can I cover an event for Mobtreal Aunt B? My Nephew asks me last week.

I was super happy that my nephew was so intrigued by my blogging articles. After sharing the articles I was doing and reading some of the events I have covered my nephew asked me, Aunt B, can I cover an event for Mobtreal? My reply with delight was Yes you can, in fact, we have a Monster Spectacular event needing coverage. Would you like to cover this event and it can be your first review. The smile that came over my nephew’s face was priceless after showing him the Monster Spectacular event needing to be covered. This event was presented by Roxor & was in collaboation with evenko. What a great place to start a young blogger!

The big day has arrived, Corey covers his first event!

The week was a long one for Corey as he was so excited about his event but finally, the big day has arrived. Corey and his Dad were super excited to be going to cover the Monster Spectacular. They got all their stuff prepared the night before, Corey was seen making sure his phone was fully charged so he could take lots of pictures. They decided to take public transportation since Montreal is a huge construction zone right now. Arriving at the Olympic stadium this is the first picture that Corey posted.

Monster Spectacular XXV
Corey’s ready to cover the Monster Spectacular Event

Ready for Corey’s first review, see what he has to say below!

Wow, this place is huge, stay close dad we don’t want to get lost. We got pit passes dad this is going to be amazing. I have to take lots of pictures for my article Aunt B says. So, I start clicking away. Having a pit pass means you get to meet some of the drivers personally, along with their cars it was super cool. I got a few autographs for my collection. We made our way to our seats & ready for the main event to start, my dad warned me it might be very loud to wear my headphones to protect my ears. The show starts and the trucks are all over the place. Our seats were fantastic. We were super close to the track also and I could see everything. I didn’t miss one jump.

Wrapping things up in a young bloggers first review words

If your looking for a family event that is fun for all ages well this one is it. Keep in mind it’s a little loud so don’t forget your ear protection (safety first). I would recommend this event for you and your family it was an amazing time making memories with my dad. Two Big Thumbs Up!! Big thank you goes out to Christine at evenko & Mobtreal for letting me cover this event.

Enjoy some of my photos of the event below
Review: Monster Spectacular XXV 2019
Muddy Girl getting ready to get dirty!
Monster Spectacular XXV 2019
The boys all lined up.
Monster Spectacular XXV 2019
Meeting the Drivers was super exciting
Monster Spectacular XXV
Getting it done!!!!
Monster Spectacular XXV 2019
Let the show begin!
Monster Spectacular XXV
Big Trucks everywhere!

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