St-Ambroise Fringe Festival: Montreal releases 2018 program

St-Ambroise Fringe Festival released this seasons program and it’s Epic!!

What is the Fringe Festival you ask?

Well, the Fringe festival originated in Scotland after the war to boost the morale of the community with dance, music, and a variety of skits. Seemed like a great idea at the time, but what the organizers failed to do was invited the locals to participate in this festival. So with people power and only 8 theater groups, they decided to start their own festival on the “Fringe” of the big festival. It was such a hit that it became a movement that grew worldly. When people of the community unite you will see they have common ground, similar core values, and good things start happening in their area.

Montreal’s new Fringe Festival director, Amy Blackmore to explain the “Fringe Buzz” to Montreal’s Gazette.

The Fringe festival comes to you in three parts:

  1. The Fringe After Dark; Nightly series inspired by the 13th hour.
  2. The Fringe A-Z; Bread & Butter of the festival
  3. The Famous Fringe; Beer Tent & Fringe Park

Fringing for the first time like me? Amy Blackmore recommends that you buy the 3-show pass!

Montreal Fringe  Ticket sales have started and Volunteers are always needed

Go through the program, with over 800 performances by 500+ artists from across the globe, you are sure to find a Gem. Keep in mind that the Canadian Fringe is an open-access event and uncensored, with affordable tickets that the Artists get to keep 100% of their box office. This seasons program was released May 8th at the Mainline Gallery with plenty of Smiles all around before and after the announcements!
Don’t miss the BUZZ! Warning you just might catch the #fringebug with this year’s mixed bag of tricks. Shows and something for everyone.

Festival St. Ambroise Fringe-Montréal will run from May 28th until June 17th, longest running season yet. Montreal will definitely be a #fringebuzz!!

The Mobs Press via  is a proud participant and will be covering most of this season’s shows, especially those Fringe After Dark events. Be sure to look for our logo or try and find us hanging out in the Beer tent or meet us at the Fringe Park.

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