How To Market And Launch An Online Course

One of the most popular ways of marketing an online business is to offer online courses. It’s a wonderful way for not only promoting your business and drum up interest but to gain a following. Online courses help you appear as an expert in your field. 

Hence, you need to market your online course in order to make people aware about it. This blog shares how you launch and market an online course.

  1. Sell it individually, first

Don’t try to sell your course to so many people with a big marketing launch. Hence, before trying to sell your courses individually, try selling them one-on-one first. If you can’t convince a single person to purchase your course, you probably won’t end up selling with a big marketing launch.

  1. Prioritise

We like procrastinating and leaving the important things until the last moment. But, if you get it done as soon as possible, you’ll be better prepared. So, get things like content & landing page ready. This will give you a scope to get feedback from your peers and potential customers. With Spayee it just takes 10 minutes to build a course website. You don’t require coding.  

  1. Having attractive payment plans

Defining your course pricing structure is one of the trickiest parts of the launch. So much of it depends on how much value your course could provide to your potential customers. If you decide to offer payment plans, it will surely impact your sales. With Spayee, setting up a course package with pricing variants is just so easy. Many people could be interested but might find your course expensive. Having a payment structure helps to influence their buying decision. 

  1. Start small

Don’t try to create a huge course content, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Start small. 2 or 3 videos at a time. Add worksheets or quizzes. Take live classes. Creating the first small course can give you the whole sense of what a course creation journey would feel like. 

  1. Blog

Having a blog is an absolute necessity. While choosing an LMS like Spayee, you can get a separate blog section. Here, you can put out free valuable content. Talk about your online course and gauge people’s attention.  

  1. Newsletter

An email newsletter helps you to put out regular updates about your course, blogs, your field etc to your learners interested. Use it to remind them what important role does your content play in their life.  

  1. Social media

Everyone uses social media. From companies to consumers to small businesses, everything makes them virtually present on Facebook & Instagram at least. People are consuming a lot of content online. Hence, if you provide value to your target audience, they will be hooked and end up buying your course. Create a social media handle on all major platforms. You can use Instagram as well as Facebook ads too to increase your reach. Post consistently. Engage with them. Reply to their DMs or thank them in the comments.  

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