Influencers Unite 2019 is back for another year!

Join us and Calvin Wayman and many other speakers at Influencers Unite 2019 to be inspired by our successful panel of local and international influencers & entrepreneurs. Get the chance to network with influencers and gain valuable knowledge on:

  • How to leverage social media influencers for your brand

  • How to overcome struggles in entrepreneurship as an influencer

  • How to generate passive income and wealth

  • How to create your own engaged community on social media

  • How to improve your public speaking skills

This year’s influencers all have amazing stories to share with you about their journey to success, the hardships they faced and how they overcame these to become truly successful. Whether you are an influencer or entrepreneur yourself or interested in learning how to become one, this event is for you!

**Business casual wear required**


5:00-5:10 Introduction

5:15- 5:25 Sponsors

5:30-5:45 Christopher Kebreau

5:50-6:20 Samantha Kris

6:25-6:40 Nicola Hill

6:45-7:00 Break

7:05-8:05 Calvin Wayman

8:10-8:40 Armin Shafee

8:45-10:00 Networking

This Year’s Host

Jennifer Selinger

Jennifer Selinger

Jennifer Selinger is a world-renowned visual journalist, photographer, television personality, multimedia producer, and social media influencer. Jennifer’s engaging personality radiates onscreen; her credits include work as a series host and reality television personality.

Selinger’s honors include the title of “Canada’s Top Travel Content Creator”, “Montreal’s Most Notable Influencer” and the “Rogers Communications Scholarship for Visual Journalism”.

Selinger’s award-winning work is fuelled by her goal to ignite change through transforming consciousness. Her vast body of visual documentary work features eye-opening human interest stories and intimate profiles on leaders of global change. These global leaders and famous faces include Justin Trudeau, Martin Luther King III, Tony Robbins, Naomi Klein, Justin Kingsley, Sylvia Earle, and Snoop Dogg. Her creative pursuits have taken her from a television debut on the second season of “The Bachelor Canada”, to journalist coverage of poverty-stricken streets of Lombok and volcanic eruptions in Bali.

Selinger has traveled solo to over 30 countries in six years with her camera in hand, volunteering and connecting with countless influential people along her journeys. This self-proclaimed “Joyologist” and Travel Visual Journalist is taking her love of documentary and public speaking to a new level and is currently at work filming inspiring stories across the world.

Here is a video from Calvin Wayman ready to take on Montreal!!!

Calvin Wayman

Calvin Wayman

Calvin Wayman is a regular guy turned author, entrepreneur, and a Millionaire Case Study—where he’s documenting the first story from zero to millionaire “as it’s happening!” In 2015, he was at a dead end. He found himself anxious, depressed, overweight, and in a mountain of debt. Feeling completely unfulfilled, he realized something had to change. He created a new vision for his life, and even with the responsibilities of a wife and a one-year-old, he suddenly quit his day job and decided to go after the life he envisioned. Since then, what he’s accomplished in such a short time has been nothing short of incredible. But it hasn’t been without heartache and pain. He’s known for not hiding the struggle we all go through as human beings, but sharing it openly—inspiring others that they are actually more capable than they can imagine.

Samantha Kris

Samantha Kris

Samantha Kris is an international success coach, author, and speaker. She is also the founder of the Bossing Up movement, which empowers people to elevate their inner Boss and create opportunities for success.

Samantha’s degree in Applied Human Sciences, rich marketing background, and business acumen has helped grow entrepreneurs and their businesses alike. Her ability to identify what is needed for people and projects to reach their full potential has shaped her into a true agent for change and is the reason why her clients keep coming back.

Samantha’s career began to take shape as she propelled her way through the corporate world, earning herself 5 promotions in just 5 years, doubling her income in the process.

It was through this journey that she developed a proprietary way of goal setting, the REAL goal methodology, that can be applied by anyone in personal and professional settings. In her book, Bossing Up, Samantha shares her blueprint for success that continues to enable others to power through personal and professional obstacles and achieve their goals.

Armin Shafee

Armin Shafee

The OFFICIAL Speakers Course for Think & Grow Rich institute

The Vice President of Think and Grow Rich Institute

The Founder of Elite Speakers Academy

Armin Shafee is the founder of Elite Speakers Academy, a training academy devoted to educating, training and inspiring speakers, trainers, authors and coaches to effectively share their message & wisdom by building a thriving training business based on their life experience.

After being a student and investing upwards of $50,000+ into his own training and education, Armin implemented what he learned to successfully share his own message and expertise by mastering the stage and building a thriving training business while doing it.

Armin uncovered the winning strategies to rewardingly living his purpose in helping others overcome their problems and manifest their desires and is now sharing those strategies with the next wave of influencers to make a MASSIVE impact in the world.

Local Influencers

Nicola Hill

Nicola Hill

I am a fun loving Brit, mom of two and the mind behind IM.CO as the company founder. Not only do I have a dynamic and differing career but it has taken me across the world in an array of working environments. This paired with my communications degree drives my inspiration and competence in my work. Now based between the UK and Montreal Canada I strive to bring the very best to all my client’s marketing campaigns across the world.

Christopher Kebreau

Christopher Kebreau

Christopher Kebreau also known on social media as Pharmathlete is far from being your typical pharmacist. He has a deep passion for fitness that translates into good vibes and constant positivity. One of his motto “You have ONE life” which is the reason why on a daily basis he keeps stressing the importance of doing what you love the most without worrying about what others think of you. You can find Pharmathlete on most social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and even Holonis a new growing platform.

This Year’s Sponsors:

Banque Laurentienne

Proud Sponsor at Influencers Unite 2019


Proud Sponsor at Influencers Unite 2019

Sizzle Popcorn

Proud Sponsor at Influencers Unite 2019

This Year’s Partnerships

Elite Speakers Academy

This Year's Partnerships Elite Speakers Academy

Every attendee enters a chance to win a $5000 scholarship to ESA

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