James Mullinger Interview with Mobtreal City Boss

City Boss interview with James Mullinger

When Boss Jo asked me to Interview her longtime friend & one of our Mob’s Press Artist  James Mullinger. I was super excited and then the nerves kicked in. I started to read all I could on the fellow. I’ve heard through my comedy crowd James is one comedian not to miss. This enticed me even more as I love Canadian Comedy. Bonus I also used to live in the Maritimes so I was ready for some of that good maritime humor I had missed so much.

Here are just a few of the fabulous facts I found out on James Mullinger Press Release:

  • James is a British comedian/honorary Canadian, Husband and Father of two boys. Eh!
  • He left a glittering life as a comedian and comedy editor at GQ magazine in London to move to New Brunswick
  • Since moving to the Maritimes from London five years ago, he’s done it all: sold out shows across the country, appearances on CBC’s The Debaters, movies, TV shows, festivals, awards, magazines, stand up specials and notably an eight-show run at the Montreal Fringe Festival.
  •  In April 2016, James sold out New Brunswick’s biggest indoor venue Harbour Station with his uniquely hilarious stand-up show.
  • One of Canada’s biggest cheerleaders. He loves it here and spends his time promoting it across the world and raising money for charities and non-profits. He has raised more than $100,000 for Canadian charities.
  • His love of Canadian small towns and cities is shown through his own international magazine The Maritime Edit.
  • James also has a new Amazon Prime & Hulu Stand-up Special.

The day has arrived for my interview

Wednesday was the big day for me to meet James and his PR rep Leisa Lee. These days I don’t drive in Montreal with all the construction. So sometimes taking public transportation is like playing Russian roulette, you pray for no traffic delays. But my wishes were granted and I arrived early to CBC Radio Canada.

I made my way to the cafeteria to set up and wait for James to arrive. While waiting I go over my notes I receive a call Boss Jo she had given me a great Idea to go LIVE on our Mobtreal Instagram page for the interview (see the full interview here). We only had a 20-minute slot, as James was like a press hot potato that day being bounced around.

James arrives we meet smiling as he had seen my post on Instagram about being a little nervous about our interview. His reply to my post was “Don’t be nervous, let’s have fun! My photographer had to cancel last minute, so we had to have Leisa take some photos for us. James and I chatted for a while and then I said Let’s go LIVE on Mobtreal’s Instagram. That’s when the fun began.

ShowTime with James Mullinger

After our live interview, James had to rush off to his next interview so we hugged and I told him I would see him at the show tonight. He was super excited about performing at Saint Catherines Theatre. His words were “This theatre has been on my bucket list” he was ready to be on that stage. We also joked about us both popping our cherries today, me doing my first interview and him getting his night on the Saint Catherines Theatre stage. My husband accompanied me to the show. We have both lived in the Maritimes so we were excited to hear James take this area.

We arrived at St. Catherines Theatre and I have to say it was a nice surprise. This theatre is a cafe in the front and all Party in the back kinda place. Once we found our seats we also find our friends Reese Turner & Walter Lyng (Montreal’s RAD DADs) were there opening for the show. Oh! this was gonna be a great show. The show starts and Walter Lyng is the host who always has a great way to make you laugh. Reese Turner then continued the job of keeping us laughing till our sides hurt. Now that we are all tuned up and ready for our headliner, James Mullinger  He arrives on stage. The cheers were so loud I think it was heard for a good block. The next hour in a half we were treated to a fabulous show. The laughs were non stop, slid splitting humor.

In Closing, I am happy to say I have a new friend

A great day had by all both I and my new friend James got to mark things off our bucket list & even the crowd didn’t take it easy on him jumping in on the act. The show was fabulous & James’s stage cherry was popped. My husband nor I didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire show. Lucky for me I now have a new comedy friend.  James Mullinger’s Tour is still running and then after that who knows what he will start, as he likes to keep busy like that. Lastly, I would like to say James’s show is one you don’t want to miss out on, it is better than kissing a Fish!!!

Let's Go Live

All Smiles makes every interview a success!

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