‘Kate Hammer Wants to be INFEMOUS’ at Montreal St. Ambroise FRINGE

Kate Hammer has only been in Montreal for a short time but, oh boy has she
been busy. Growing up on an Ontarian goat farm where google maps does not often dare to
wander, Kate loves the city she now calls home. Discovering her inner comedian, Kate has
been honored to be a part of MProv, Ladyfest, Montreal Sketchfest, and Party Dino. She is a
member of sketch groups Li’l Strawberry Bitches and Loner Stadium, as well as performing
stand-up across the city. Kate is the producer and host of INFEMOUS, a monthly show that
features solely female and non-binary improvisers, sketch comedians, and monologists to
create a well-rounded comedy hour. The show aims to create a space for fem and non-binary
folk in the community to share and feel comfortable exploring new angles of comedy because,
as it turns out, we still need that to happen.

‘Kate Hammer Wants to be INFEMOUS’ is a one-woman show exploring the disconnect
between womanhood and personhood, and how femininity affects us all. It brings up the
modern standards we hold ourselves to (and if the best of us can actually do it.) This all
happens at a feisty laugh per minute, and will feature at least three fun bodysuits.

VENUE 5- Salle Jean-Claude Germain du Théâtre
3900 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2W 2M2

Showtimes left are as follows:

PG 14+. 50-minutes. Coarse Language. Comedy.

Thursday, June 14th
– 15h45

Friday, June 15th
– 20h45

Written/Created by Kate Hammer.

Directed by Kay Komizara.

Creative Consultant: LaurenPinsler.

Media Contact: Kate Hammer, 514-909-1841

Twitter: @Katehahahammer

Intstagram:@Katehammer, @infemouscomedy

Facebook: @infemouss

 E-Mail: katehahahammer@gmail.com

Quotes about the Show

“This is a show about the oceans between being a woman and being a person, and my journey treading those waters.”

“Becoming a feminist happened in two ways: bit by bit, then all at once. I think we are all inherently born wanting to treat everyone with love and respect, but we have it beaten out of us because certain people feel more comfortable with a power hierarchy. It may have something to do with them being at the top. It was strange realizing that asking for equality was an act of rebellion against the system. I just wanted to be able to do the things my brothers did, and wear sparkly bodysuits while doing them. I see nothing wrong with having your cake and wearing it, too.”

“I want to showcase the wonderful things that happen when we give women and non-binary the space and respect to be themselves and share. This show is a journey through my own femininity and how it reflects on the world we have created. Also, it is hilarious.”


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Delaware Born & Montreal Raised Event Promoter~Mobster~Blogger~Photographer Shining Star with a Love for her City of Montreal

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