LA TIGRESSA PRODUCTIONS presents “The Autism Monologues” at Fringe

“See Me ~ Hear Me”

La Tigressa is an award-winning production company dedicated to bringing to audiences diverse female characters. The goal of the company is to portray women of colour and mixed heritage in ways that go beyond traditional stereotypes and to place a spotlight on the diversity of women that exists in Canadian society. It’s also about having more female voices heard.

This new play of award-winning Christine Rodriguez The Autism Monologues”  will run from June 7th to June 17th during the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival. The inside buzz seems to be this play brings to the stage a sequel of sorts in. “This play is a natural progression from Dreaming in Autism which is an autobiographical account of my life with my son who has mild autism,” explains Rodriguez, “But autism is diverse. 

In just one hour this play features almost two dozen characters, each dealing with autism in their own way.  They include autistic people, some verbal, some non-verbal, family members of autistic individuals, mothers, fathers and siblings, and members of the community who deal with people with autism, such as therapists and educators. The audience gets to view a snippet of each character’s life through the lens of a monologue.

Jen Viens, the director stated she is very excited to be a part of a production that is giving a voice to those whose lives are touched by autism, either directly or indirectly. Rodriguez has received support in the past to help her develop The Autism Monologues from Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship Program and a short-term mentorship and studio residence from Montréal, arts intercultural  “I’ve worked on this play for a long time and I think there’s still room for it to grow,” she explains, “I hope it’s as well received as Dreaming in Autism. I have to admit, writing other’s people’s stories is an entirely different experience.


4750 Henri-Julien, Montréal H2T 2C8


Thursday, June 7th at 9:45 pm; Saturday, June 9th at 2:15 pm; Monday, June 11th at 7:15 pm; Wednesday, June 13th at 6 pm; Friday, June 15th at 7:30 pm and Sunday, June 17th at 2:30 pm.

Written by: Christine Rodriguez
Directed by: Jen Viens
Cast: Julie Barbeau, Jean Bernard, Stephen Booth, Christine Rodriguez, Jacqueline van de Geer
Set & Costume Design: Nalo Soyini Bruce
Light Design: Nikita Bala
Sound Design: Rob Denton
Stage Manager: Isabel Faia
Dramaturgy: Marie-Leofeli Romero Barlizo
Marketing Assistant: Remrov




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