Montreal Artist PONY choosen for the MassiVart Peace Globe

Invitation arrives

When Boss Jo asked me to cover this event I couldn’t be more excited, Not only will I get to hang out with one of my favourite Montreal Artists PONY, but she is staying & Live painting in the John Lennon & Yoko Ono Suite. This event was sponsored by Ivanhoé Cambridge, The Fairmont, & MassiVart curated this project during the hotels reopening. This initiative marks the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Bed-in for Peace, during which the couple and their guests peacefully protested the Vietnam War and composed the international peace anthem ‘Give Peace a Chance.’ Preserving the historic character of their suite was one of the important elements of the hotel’s transformation carried out by its owner, Ivanhoe Cambridge in 2017.

The day arrives

So this invitation allowed me to interview PONY MTL and take some live photos while she was working, this was super exciting for me.  A little added bonus the John Lennon & Yoko Ono room is was on my Bucket list to visit. Yet another added surprise this event was being held at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth one of the best and Iconic hotels in Montreal.

Two for one-off my bucket list. I and my camera could not stop taking pictures. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by so many nice friendly faces ready to help me in any way I needed. I went to the desk and asked how to get to the John Lennon Suite. The receptionist read my invitation and then unlocked the elevator for me. UP to the 17th floor, I go.  As the elevator doors open I am in AWE… John Lennon and Yoko pictures are everywhere. The vibe in this hallway was amazing. I was getting more excited, then I came to the Door. This is what I saw.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono Suite

Door to the John Lennon & Yoko Ono Suite

I exited the elevator and didn’t see anyone around. So I didn’t know how to get in. I took this as an opportunity to snap a few hallway pictures.  I knocked softly, then I hear footsteps. The door opens and I am just awestruck and the goosebumps set in. I ask if I should remove my shoes. It was a beautiful room all in white and beige with just a touch of colour where needed. Just a perfect vibe for a Peace Room.

Interview with Pony

As I came around the corner I see my friend and artist pal PONY, Gabrielle sees me and we hug and laugh that we are both lucky enough to be in this Vibe. We chatted for a while, speaking on how blessed she feels to have been picked for this project. We also spoke on how she is just taking some time for herself and doing projects good her. Pony is all about giving and she is such an inspiration for the youth of our area. Pony’s messages on Mental health awareness is just what the Youth of this generation needs right now.

The fabulous colour palette she uses is one everyone can relate to. Her upbeat vibe is to bring happiness and peace through her art. It was no surprise to me when I heard MassiVart picked PONY for this event. Gabrielle was just as excited to be picked. I could see in her vibe she was ready to do her best work for this International Peace Globe.  Pony stayed in the iconic John-Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite, drawing inspiration through the images of the 1969 Bed-in, the video and audio archives as well as the couple’s messages for peace on display there. Below are some pictures I took while she was live painting in the room. Something I think she will cherish for a lifetime. We are all not rich in money so to be able to pretend for a week was a joy for her and her friends.

Painting for Peace

Pony Painting for Peace

Painting for Peace

When you love what you do it shows

Pony and Cityboss Belinda

Pony and Mobtreal City Boss Belinda

Unveiling Day arrives

Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 10:30 am was the unveiling. I rushed to arrive on time as I am a public transit user and with all the construction going on in Montreal arriving on time is a hit or miss. I made it with time to spare for a bathroom break. Thinking I wouldn’t miss the arrival of the globe. Well, that didn’t go as planned, missed its arrival by seconds. Even though I missed it coming out of the eleavator I was there for its placement on the pedestal it so deserved. Everyone gathered around to see the excitement. While I looked around, seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces I knew that this mission of Peace was completed. The management of the hotel were super excited also, gathering around the Peace globe flying the Peace Sign!!! Mission Accomplished.

Peace Globe

Pony’s Peace Globe


Proud Artist Pony and her Peace Globe

GIve Peace a Chance

Peace Vibes All-Around

In Closing
I would like to thank MassiVart for the invitation to this wonderful event. PONY for such a great Interview.
A big thank you to Ivanhoé Cambridge & The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth for giving us the chance to see and feel the vibes of this very special room.
The International Peace globe will be on display until October 9th.
You don’t want to miss this!!!

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