Stendhal X’s Project presents: “God Of Carnage”

Spectacular Goodness!!!

In this incredible interpretation of “God of Carnage” by Yasmina Rena performed by Stendhal X’s Project story is set in a little apartment turned studio, with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and let us not forget that balcony at the top of the freestanding room.

In a span of an hour, you are taken back to a time where we all have been in that awkward moment when you walked into an argument and wanted to turn around and back out of it well with “God of Carnage” your right smack dab in the middle of it. Flashback to your childhood when you were either the victim or the attacker and both sets of parents had to have that dreadful parent to parent meeting.

What would your parents do? During these parent’s conversation, spontaneous chaos erupts with lots of audience interaction.  Just when you think all things can be settled something or someone’s words release the brake on the roller coaster and everyone’s emotionally immersed. I will admit the entrance had me a little worried but excited at the same time once inside I found my seat but I didn’t know what to expect. That’s when I started searching for the exit sign, soon the lights went dim, the music started I was ready to run thankfully I stayed put as I was pleasantly surprised. Throughout the entire show there was a person laughing at everything, almost making me doubt my funny bone, but then it was my turn to laugh out loud, so loud and when no one else laughed, that is when I knew this was going to be a hit everywhere.

Be sure to join Stendhal X project for an unforgettable, surprising theater experience that moves quickly through the rituals of conversation and civility. You’re invited into the home of the Vallons, have a slice of pastry, some goldfish washed down with some bourbon so you can feel the drama for yourself.

Next Showtimes are:

May 10th-13th @ 8 PM
May 13th @ 2 PM


$15 – General
$12 – Students & Seniors


Rebecca Bauer – Michelle Vallon
Cleopatra Boudreau – Veronica Vallon
Ryan Downey – Alan Reille
Annie Luján – Anette Reille


Director & Sound Designer: Noah Drew
Assistant Director: Rahul Gandhi
Stage Manager: Sara Flicht
Costume Designer: Sarah Mauracher
Costume Assistant: Mariko Miyai-Martin
Lighting, Set & Props Designer: Amy White  



Photo credit: Rahul Gandhi

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