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Media Pass Newbie

Applying for my Media pass, wanting to see The Nasty Show this season and being accepted to this years Just for Laughs Festival made my heart so happy. I love laughing and it is the best medicine for your soul, but even more, I love to support all things Montreal.

The emails from the Just for laughs staff start coming in. To ensure I followed all the rules, I read every email very carefully. It was my mission along with giving great reviews of all the shows, as festival time is around the corner.

The Interview

Mob Boss Jo writes asking me to do my first interview and it’s with Bonnie McFarlane. Being so nervous but excited; I agree. Interview time arrives & kudos to Bonnie and her crew who made me feel right at home. Since I’m very new in the media field, I think it went very well. Bonnie is just one of the two women in The Nasty Show this season. She and Jessimae are going to give the guys a run for their money.  You can read our interview here!

The Venue

Since the Mtelus is one of the older venue spots in Montreal we both couldn’t believe we had never been here. Arriving we’re directed upstairs to the media room which was a full house. We decided to grab a cocktail and then I made eye contact with Bonnie.

She made her way over to us, we chatted for a bit then we wished her good vibes for a great show. The media people were all doing their thing, so we just snapped a few pictures and made our way to our seats.

Now let’s review the show

The Nasty Show is hosted by the one and only Bobby Lee, with Big Jay Oakerson, Andrew Schulz, Jessimae Peluso, Comedian CP, and Bonnie McFarlane. Opening night arrives. I asked my best friend (who is much younger than I) to join me at the show. I warned her it might get Nasty as the title says. She was good with this and this is why she’s one of my best friends, having the same Humor matters in friendships. Neither one of us had seen a Nasty show. We were excited to be in the crowd and ready for some “not your everyday kinda humor”.

Bobby Lee did an amazing job hosting keeping the laughs rolling between acts. He is always super funny so it was no surprise. The ladies did their job giving the guys a run for there money. Killing it with things only women are supposed to say.

All the guys did a spectacular job keeping it nasty staying true to the title.  Again as I don’t want to tell my age (it’s a woman thing) but I have seen many nasty comedians in my day from Richard Pryer, Eddie Murphy, Don Rickles, Howard Stern, Andrew Dice Clay and many more. With that being said I think I’ve reached my fair share of Nastiness.

In Closing

To go see The Nasty Show you have to like humor for dirty minds, things taboo (that your mom told you not to say), humor that steps over the boundary lines. Please don’t bring your MAGA hat or any other political correctness to this show as you will not need it, but you might want to bring a change of undies from laughing so much. We both had a fabulous night filled with plenty of laughs, and a much-needed shower afterward from all the Nasty Goodness.

If after reading my review you feel the Nasty Show is for you, and if not then maybe you are a little square. All kidding aside you must hurry as there are only 2 shows left!!!!

Get going before you miss out. You can get your tickets at 


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