Ultimate guide: how to check Windows 10 crash logs

Then check the boxes next Critical, Warning and Error in the Event levels section. XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use. Windows 10 is still supported by Microsoft and will be supported till Oct 2025.

You can download its trial version to check its functionality and data recovery success rates. Locating and accessing the Windows 10 BSOD logs is not always child’s play. However, you can refer to the methods given in this blog. Finally, if you want to get back any lost data from the BSOD-affected system, use reliable data recovery software.

Troubleshooting with Windows Logs

When it appears, the first thing you need to check is whether you have a backup on your computer or other storage media. Regularly creating a backup is very important and useful. And before fixing the “a disk read error occurred”, you can download the Bitwar data recovery software to recover your data first. Hope you can find apropriate solution to fix this error without data losing. A multimeter testing device can be used for this check. If your PC runs with dual hard disks, disconnect the second one and leave only the one that has Windows installed on it.

You always get a script orRuntime error messages, the problem may be that you are having problemsunwanted or installed spyware on your computer. We recommendthat you scan your computer with Adware Bazooka and Spyware Scannerwhich allows them to seem to be updated frequently. Are you receiving Windows Script Host error messages like “The system cannot find the file specified for the Startup.vbs script”? Or anything like “Windows Script Host access is disabled on this machine”?

  • Insert a blank or writable CD/DVD or USB into your computer.
  • This command will also show you the event log policies for maximum size, retention, overwrite action, and the number of entries.
  • Well, there are other intricacies involved but this should paint a clear picture as to why it’s important that you check the error logs in Windows 11.

This can be done by pressing a specific key on your keyboard when you start up your computer. Once you’re in the BIOS, look for the “Drivers” or “Update Drivers” section and follow the on-screen instructions. There is no known fix for the blue screen of death on Windows 11. Microsoft has not released a patch update amd drivers windows 10. or update for the issue, and there is no known workaround.

High Availability Resilient, redundant hosting solutions for mission-critical applications. Magento Cloud A Managed Magento platform from experts with built in security, scalability, speed & service. Managed WordPress Managed WordPress with image compression and automatic plugin updates. This guide will help you understand how to use the Windows 10 Event Viewer to troubleshoot issues on your system and quickly find their cause. In the section underneath, you can see all the active tasks that are currently enabled and have not expired.

Update your device’s operating system to the latest version

In the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click the disk needs repairing and choose “Rebuild MBR”. When the error in HP is caused by corrupted MBR, you can rebuild MBR to fix this error. Here two ways are offered and you can choose one based on your specific situation.

Check Your Security Software

You can then select “Debug JS Remotely” from the Developer Menu to start debugging. Irql level is a measure of how much work a processor is doing at any given time. The lower the irql level, the less work the processor is doing. This can be important for determining whether or not a system is experiencing a hardware or software issue. There are a few things you can do to try and fix an Irql not less or equal error. Another is to run a virus scan to make sure your computer is free of malware.

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