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Australian rocker/alternative sensation Andy Michaels is currently locked inside the studio recording a brand new album and single. Just coming off of producing his breathtakingly magnificent and heroic video of his haunting tribute to the murderous pirate mutiny, “Lucretia’s Eylandt”, the singer/ song writer/ poetic has already demoed one of the most sensational songs on the planet entitled, “Only Love ( Knows the Meaning of Good-Bye)”.


Michael’s, a published poet, is a force of nature. His creative abilities and gentle persona captivate audiences globally, however just speaking to Andy is a compelling celebration in itself. His album “Revisited” has made tidal-wave headlines all the way from “down under” to the shores of America.


With the seeds of brand new music about to be recorded I couldn’t resist revisiting the artist with an enlightening conversation…..

Can you recall a moment that changed the entire trajectory of your life? 

Having a song from Revisited “Where are you Now”, picked up by a radio station in the UK…It literally changed the course of my life


So when does the tour begin for “Revisited”?   

After my new Album is completed, first day in the studio today, yay ! Expect to announce some dates by end of the year, so stay tuned 🙂


If you could choose a super power which would you choose? 

The ability not only to see the future, but to have the power to change it for the better


I understand you’ve already created some of the songs for your next album, anything you can talk about?

Actually, I prefer to sing 🙂 …..I think there will be some surprises, but still unmistakably Andy Michaels….good lyrics and melodies still rule !


Does visiting Indonesia influence any of your writing? 

I think any travel can influence you, I spent a couple of days with a couple of music friends in Bali, and their music knowledge and prowess still amazes me.
“Back to Me” on Revisited had  an undeniably middle east and Asian influence and I think that will continue in this next Album.


Someone has just written your biography, what is the name of it and why?

“Andy Michaels Revisited”  of course !  I guess because I revisited many aspects of my life on that Album and now it’s there for everyone to see.


If you could listen to the soundtrack of your life with songs would be on it?


Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
David Bowie “Heroes”
Walker Brothers “NO Regrets”
Andy Michaels “Will There Be Love”
Cats Stevens “Father and Son” and “Where Do The Children Play”
Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”
Aretha Franklin “Respect’

What is your biggest help for your newest video? 

Other than you ?:)
Actually I nearly downed making “Lucretia’s Eylandt” There was 5 of us in a 12 foot dinghy, including Lucretia and the Camera man. The outboard motor failed when we were trying to make our way to the tender vessel, it’s was nearly dark and  there was a huge swell and  50 knot winds that was pushing us out to sea towards South Africa. I don’t know who was screaming louder, the camera man or Lucretia ! It was only luck that the small anchor I threw out actually held onto some coral long enough help to come. Another 10 minutes and I wouldn’t have been revisiting anyone again 🙂


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