Ben Who? #JFL42 Late Show at the Rivoli Last Night


Ben Who? Ben Roy, That’s F**king Who.

Last night at the Rivoli late show for JFL42 I experienced Ben Roy – I saw the man behind the tattoos – and he’s funny… really f**king funny. You’ve got to see this guy!

If you haven’t checked out a Ben Roy stand up comedy performance – make sure to sit in the front row for a truly up-close and intimate experience.  He has the subtle delivery of a sledgehammer and pounds away skillfully and relentlessly on your funny bone. His style can be raw but always hilarious. And he moves – the periodic pauses for pilates stretches during his 45 minute set are absolutely priceless!

It’s refreshing to see a comic who uses the whole stage, and speaker boxes, and water bottle to tell a great story.  His frenetic character is like a cross between Dennis Leary and Kramer from Seinfeld except with a little less hate and way more tattoos. I picture him driving pedal-to-the-metal through photo-radar traps in an old American convertible car with whale skin hubcaps singing at the top of his voice, “I’m an asshole-eo-eo-eo” *lol*.

He does this great bit on messing with photo radar cops by leaning way back in the seat – so the car looks like it’s driving itself – it’s totally hilarious.

I saw Ben’s show on opening night at the Rivoli – it was a lively late night crowd and the back room serves as a great working comedy space, right in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District, near the corner of Queen West and Spadina Ave.

If you’ve never been to the Rivoli, its got a couple floors and several bars, and a large pool room on the top level, and a great outdoor patio for smokers. The area is loaded with people at night who are hopping between clubs and restaurants, and has plenty to offer patrons of JFL42 for after show socializing.

If you’re from out of town and looking to check out interesting areas of Toronto, check out a show at the Rivoli. The Queen West and Spadina neighborhood is a young and hip urban crossroad, the venue is located only a block away from Chinatown too so if you dig fried duck, dumplings or bubble tea, you’ll be totally in heaven.

Don’t miss Ben Roy – He’s as funny as they get!

I totally recommend you go catch this rising star. He’s my new favorite and hopefully yours too. Click on the show dates below for your last chances to see Ben Roy, and reserve your seats now!




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