Weekend 3 at Igloofest

Crazy packed night on Saturday, January 30th of the 3rd weekend of Igloofest featuring Poirier, Gina Turner and Sébastien Léger! Take a look and browse the awesome night through my pictures.

IMG_4353 IMG_4358 IMG_4361 IMG_4368 IMG_4381 IMG_4418 IMG_4430 IMG_4441 IMG_4445

Look at all the beautiful people having a ball in the cold! Montreal knows how to make winter fun!

IMG_4470 IMG_4471 IMG_4485 IMG_4489 IMG_4505  IMG_4512 IMG_4521

Tonight kicks off the last weekend of winter fun at the old port so don’t miss out!

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Born and raised in Montreal Ashutosh K Gupta is cynical kid studying in Film Studies with music and photography as hobbies. Check out mylifeisnotcrazy.tumblr.com for more.

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