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This was supposed to be the first review I’ve written in a while. Obviously, since it’s been a week, I will turn it into a regular blog post. Let y’all know where is at and what plans we got going. But let’s start with last weeks SiriusXM Next Top Comic at the Comedy Works. Comedy Works was a packed house with a crowd eager to laugh and support their favorite comic. The SiriusXM competition was indeed just that. I have never witnessed such a straight up competition on the comedy scene where your colleagues are now the enemy. Where you hope that the person who always has a good set and you wish them this every time. This time the wish was with fingers crossed. However, the vibe was still positive and inviting.

Line up consisted of 9 Montreal Comics and 3 from Ottawa.

Andrew Searles
Rodney Ramsey
Abdul Butt
Guido Cocomello
Wafik Nasrella
Matt Michaud
Jess Salomon
Robby Hoffman
Jeff Schouela
Jimmy Cassidy
Matt Carter

Facebook Photo

Facebook Photo

Ben Miner is the lucky host who gets to tour with SiriusXM during the competition. He was pleasantly funny and cute at it. When cute people say the opposite of cute things, that just makes it funnier. I unfortunately didn’t get shots so let’s bring it back to 2010 with my blurry pics shall we?!

So the judges had to choose 3 comics to move onto the next round. Now everyone brought their best 5 minutes. Did you see that line up? Yeah just trying to pick 3 out of those 12 is already tough. Having been a judge, and not at that caliber, they had their work made out for them.
Out of the 12, there was 6 solid acts. When I say solid, I mean tight. When I say tight, I mean they were on. There was no pause between bits, no stumbles, jokes came effortlessly and killed the room. Just smooth sets and that’s a pro at work son!

The winners who move on to the next stage are Eman, Robby Hoffman and Jimmy Cassidy.
The ones that stuck with me as well are Rodney Ramsey and Jess Salomon. Definitely runners up.

The 3 comedians move on to the finals which will be held during JFL42 in Toronto from September 18th to the 27th. Check out to find out who the 42 artists will be this year.

Speaking of JFL, it’s just around the corner!
With Joan Rivers, Seth Myers and Amy Schumer hosting there own galas. I am excited for Shaun Majumber,  Colin Mocherie,  Hannibal Burress and I’ll finally get my pic with Chris D’Elia!

If you want the most for your dollar, I suggest getting the Passport. Not only do you get tickets for 3 Galas, you get  to see a free show everyday. EVERYDAY! It’s only 99$ . Definitely buy the pass if you’re a real comedy lovers. Go to for the whole schedule and the whole line-up.

So where am I at in all of this mob business you ask? Everywhere son! Festival season is about to give way and scheduling, organizing, reviewing and keeping sane is the test. My big test. It seems that every year around this time, I am put to the test, crunched for time and put into positions I knew I would sooner or later have to face as a business woman. But you know what? I’m enjoying every step of the way. Learning my strengths and my weaknesses on the way. Finding out who to trust and who to listen to. Where to stand your ground and to believe in yourself. I definitely have a bounce in my walk and that’s because I know what I have here  is working. And this is only the beginning!

Keep a look out for us during this festival season and I will talk to you soon!



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