MEG (Montreal Electronic Groove) Festival

Every July, the Montreal Electronic Groove Festival (A.k.a “MEG”)  brings the musical heat to Montreal and serves as the perfect summer festival to hit up with friends.MEG has been putting people in a state of musical euphoria since 1999. The festival was founded by Mustapha Terki and Jacques Primes, and has since proclaimed itself as the “Pioneer of urban music”.The festival  functions as an outlet for underground musicians to pump their musical material out and gain substantial recognition for their talents.  MEG has been around for over a decade and proposes a musicfest ode to a wide array of electronic genres, often bordering rock, pop, hip-hop, and punk. Dozens of artists that have performed at the festival in the past have successfully propelled themselves to new levels of acknowledgment, with MEG as their musical platform.
pictureforMEGarticleSome artists that have actively participated in the festival include; James Murphy MIA , Richie Hawtin,  La Roux, Justice, Chromeo, Brodinski , Tiga, Gesaffelstein, Fisherspooner and many others.
I’m eager and curious to attend this festival for the first time next summer and check out all the amazing underground artists. This is a festival that showcases the talented both here in Montreal and elsewhere, and has promoted some of the most intrinsically rhythmic sounds and beats, whether they fall under the musical genres of electronic, indie pop, or rock, MEG Montreal has spread world-wide nationally revealing Quebec’s enriched music scene. Montreal is notorious for it’s electronic music, so it serves as no surprise to me that the basis for such a successful annual event got it’s start in Quebec.
This year, MEG celebrates 15 years of hard work, and collaborative efforts that have extended all the way from Martinique at the Martizik Festival, the Festival Cultural de Mayo, Vancouver, and even Paris on the tank opening procession of the 15th Techno Parade. The next MEG edition takes place in July 24th to August 2nd of 2014, and the line-up/programmed schedule is already up on the site so if you’re interested in clearing a few days out of your schedule next summer (of course you are) then you can check it out on their official webpage here. MEG Montreal will make you shake what your momma gave ‘ya! Go check them out on Facebook  and follow them on twitter @MEGmontreal for updates.


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