The gift of laughter: A Dose of Sugar Sammy

Incase you haven’t noticed, Sugar Sammy is taking over Montreal.  His handsome mug is pasted all over the metro station walls and on billboards. All of this of course as part of his campaign due to the release of an additional 40,000 tickets for the 35 newly added shows. The new dates are for both his You’re Gonna Rire and his En français svp! shows. What better time for the release of a whole slew of shows than when people are in the mood to be jovial? The dates were added to his schedule for the end of this year until far into the next. Check out his site here for dates and get your tickets ASAP!

Tickets are also on sale at every Admission outlet.
By phone: 1-(855)-790-1245
Order online: or
Ticket prices: starting at $32.90  (taxes and service fees included.)

His current seasonal campaign is meant to convince people to buy tickets to his shows as gifts, and really what’s better than the gift of laughter? It’s something you can even treat yourself with too! I’ve personally done it. In fact, it has been my go-to-present for the family and a few friends for a few years now, works like a charm!

Speaking of charm, I was able to witness Sugar Sammy’s first hand recently when I sat in on an interview with him as part of Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner segment on CKUT 90.3FM hosted by fellow mobtrealer Boss Katelynd Kuhar. The aired segment recording can be found in the CKUT archives here (Nov 13, 2014). However, we decided that you readers, especially the comedy nerds out there, may be interested in the full interview, so check back here in the next few days for a little early holiday gift from us to you.

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