After The Weekend: Joey Elias Headlines at The Comedy Nest and Nails It!

Last Friday night on the 7th I sat in front of the TV, looking pretty pathetic, decked out in full fledged PJs with orange Cheeto dust tracing the outline of my mouth. I hadn’t given much thought for plans that night, but desperately needed to get out of the house. My friend, and comic, Geoffrey Appelbaum  pretty much saved me from my reclusive tendencies, and invited me to go with him to The Comedy Nest to check out their weekend headliner, comedian Joey Elias. How could I refuse such an enticing proposal? So of course, at 7 sharp he picked me up at my place and we braced the winter freeze together in search of laughter and a good time.

We arrived right on time to greet Joey Elias at the door. We swiftly made our way inside, in search of a seat (which was nearly impossible considering how full the venue was that night) eventually settling on some seats in the far back corner, near the bar. I must add that I was VERY pleased to be returning to The Comedy Nest as it is one of my favorite comedy venues in Montreal, which may be a result of the awesome purple interior… or perhaps the amazing talent… or the expedient service, and the super retro popcorn machine! You know what, it’s likely all of those things in one. That night coupons were available to purchase and all of the proceeds went towards a charity for those who are struggling with Diabetes. Everyone who bought a ticket was automatically entered for  $90 cash prize at the end of the show. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but someone got lucky that night so I’m happy for them.

As far as laughs go, there was certainly no shortage of that. Not only did we see Joey Elias, also present on stage that night were David Pryde and Christopher Venditto! The vibe in the room that night was at ease and the entire show ran smoothly. Every comedian performed a strong set that night which = awesome fun had. I think one of the best parts about relaxed crowds is when people actually let loose and really laugh… I always enjoy hearing other people laugh because it just makes me laugh even harder. As the old saying goes “the best things in life are free” and laughter is high up on that list for me.

David Pryde  has a sweet and friendly demeanor on stage and it was my first time seeing him on stage that night also. The mere sound of his voice has a certain hilarity about it (in a good way) and it lends in his punchy punchlines and story-telling. David charmed the crowd and had the audience roaring in gut-busting laughter (including moi)

Christopher Venditto did a great job last night I thoroughly enjoyed his set as well. He has a unmistakable uniqueness about him that I find to be intriguing. Very good set overall, he really seemed to be enjoying himself up there. Can’t wait to see more from this guy!

Last but certainly not least, Joey Elias! He did the most crow-engaging that night,  and his stage presence is awesome. Jokes were on point, and he was the cherry on top of the cake. A perfect headlining act. I look forward to seeing more from Joey Elias in the future!

All in all, a really great show and venue! For more upcoming shows visit The Comedy Nest’s official website for more information on future dates and features.

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