Heroes and Villains!

After the torrential downpour all day Friday the skies cleared and the sun went down, and I headed over to The Comedy Nest on the third floor of the Pepsi Forum for their late show.

Heros and Villains Show - Peter J. Radomski-6

Peter J Radomski

Considering it was a Friday night on Canada Day long week-end, or “Moving Day” week-end, there was a decent sized crowd in the room. The night was hosted by Peter J. Radomski, a recent guest of mine on the new “Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner” segment on CKUT’s Thursday night show “Upstage”.

The show was a hand-picked selection of Peter’s personal favorites, the “heros” that have inspired him, and the “villains” that do some dark and dirty comedy, but he refused to tell the audience who was which…it was up to us to decide for ourselves. He warmed up the room by getting to know the audience and giving advise about strip clubs to the bachelor party from Toronto. It was pretty hilarious when he told them to keep walking if they see a guy that looks like him trying to lure them into the club by shouting “ We got 25 girls…that’s 50 titties!”

The night kicked off with Jakub Starchurski, a newcomer to the weekend stage at “The Nest”. He had the crowd roaring with his bit about a kid with no hands who was encouraged by his parents to play the piano. Someone in the audience began to imitate what that might look like, which perpetuated the momentum of the bit. His rants about job interviews and telemarketing jobs did well to connect with the crowd.

Heros and Villains Show - Jakub Starchurski-3

Jakub Starchurski

Heros and Villains Show - Molly Brisebois-3

Molly Brisebois







Peter kept things moving along, and gave the audience some creative moving tips for this weekend, encouraging us to lend as much shit to friends as possible pre-move. Up next was Molly Brisebois, opening with a very honest thank you to hookers and whores for keeping the streets safe for the rest of women, postulating, “Who would be more likely to end up in the trunk of a car, a whore or me?”. She kept her confident and dirty set electric with jokes about assholes, Pinnochio porn and vag smells, and I have to say, I love raunchy humor so I was loving her set!

Heros and Villains Show - Sebastien Bourgault-10

Sebastien Bourgault

A fireball of loud and proud energy, Sebastien Bourgault was a delight to watch. His punchy set gave us insight on how much work it takes to learn another language. In his case he is a francophone that has only been speaking english.

The tall and hip swinging Karl Knox greeted us with a little song aboutbananas and got into some stories about Baby Boomers. Unfortunately there weren’t too many Boomers in the crowd, but he managed to connect to the younger audience by talking about Harper and herpes.for 18 months. He shared what he had learned from the movie Back to the Future, traveling on planes and working at Chez Cora’s in Kirkland. My favorite thing about his performancehad to be his positivity and the encouraging words he shared with the audience to close out his set.

Heros and Villains Show - Karl Knox

Karl Knox

Heros and Villains Show - David Pryde-8

David Pryde








Now coming close to the end of the show, Peter took the stage to introduce the last Comedian. He had us all rolling with laughter as he vented about his bald spot and announced to the audience, “One of you wants to fuck a midget!”. Last up on the bill for the night was David Pryde. His material was well crafted and he had the audience in the palm of his hand. I enjoyed the way that he debunked the myth that all fathers want power tools on Father’s Day. He also brought up a great point about watching porn online, “Why are the porn pop ups that you find behind your browser so much nastier than what you were originally watching?”

All in all, it was a great night! I will admit, I was half expecting at least ONE of the Comedians to wear a costume, so if there were any sort of downside that would be it.

Be sure to tune in to Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner on Thursdays at 6:30PM to CKUT’s show “Upstage” 90.3 FM.

Check out the full photo album from the event! 

Photo Credits: Reese Turner


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