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So you thought Pinocchio was just a tale about a little puppet who wanted to be a boy. Well guess again. This is 2013 and we are rewriting history. Presenting a comic for whom I have grown very fond over the last few months.  A smart, funny, determined, hard working man who’s on the rise in the comedy world so catch him while you can. He’s been on TV, film and stage both in Canada and the U.S.. He does it all folks! I saw him at Toronto’s Hard Rock Cafe, and I have to say I was blown away. What an amazing show. With his ability to play with the crowd, deliver brilliant and edgy material that dabbles in all subjects of life and he produces his own shows, Quinn is a bad man seen?!! Not only did I get a full night of comedy, I also got to see the one and only Scratch from the Roots. Say Word!? WORD.

Quinn C Martin, producer and headliner, has put together the perfect evening out for groups of friends, couples and anybody heading out to the club afterwards. So the night starts with the genius of Scratch from the legendary band the Roots. If you’ve never seen beat-boxing or think it’s just a ridiculous person spitting into a mic, well he will prove you wrong. 1000% What an experience! Dropping his skills to a room of over a hundred people, Scratch is the way to start your night. Then the comic genius of White Wine (Calwyn Shurgold) came to the stage. This was the perfect transition  between music and hip hop. It was so smooth you didn’t even see it happening before your eyes.


Comics such as Mike Jagdeo took the stage and kept it hot for the man of the hour. Quinn is not only a great comedian, he is a pro. He is so comfortable in the spotlight, it comes so naturally. his charisma and charm take you in and even if the word nigger seems a little harsh for you, Quinn says it right. You accept it from him because of his delivery, his material, his swag seen! This guy is on the rise and here’s your chance to catch him live!

For Toronto, he’ll be playing the Maple Leaf Gardens, 50 Carlton St, Saturday, February 23rd at 8pm. Tickets are 20$, 15$ in advance. This is gonna be a big show folks so get ’em while they’re hot. Montreal hang tight. He will be coming soon and I will let you know.

Follow Quinn C Martin on Facebook and @Quinnthecomic as well as @Scratch215 and @CalwynShurgold.



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