The Frankies!

Last night, I jetted from work early and head over to the Frankie Awards at Cabaret Mile End. The place was jam packed, packed to the tits I  can say because that’s how the might started off! Holly Gauthier Frankel came put and did a Fringe burlesque number fro Vance Gillis and Shane Adamczak. How Fringe you ask? Bee costume and all. Not only did she have a stinger on her bum and tassels to match. Holly you are truly incredible and awe inspiring.

holly bee








Here are the winners of the 2014 Frankie Awards


Sense Gentle – Real Eyes Theatre


High Tea – Life & Depth

FREESTANDING Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Spaces:

Orpheline – Cimonac Productions

BOUGE D’ICI – Outstanding Choreography Award

Heather Lynn Macdonald for Running for Home (featured in Garden of Knives by Travail Rouge)

FRED BARRY AWARD – Best Production Award

Blood Wild – Rabbit in a Hat Productions

SEGAL CENTRE – Most Promising English Company:

Johnny Legdick, A Rock Opera – Playwright Hero

CENTAUR THEATRE – Best English Production

Aiden Flynn Lost His Brother So He Makes Another – Theatre Howl

JUST FOR LAUGHS – Best English Comedy

It was a tie folks!

The Quitter – Al Lafrance

My Big Fat German Puppet Show – Invisible Inc.

GREENLAND – Music Award

Le trouble

Honorable mentions to Corrina Rose , O Savannah, Summerset, & Hua Li, And Syngja

SOLOS FESTIVAL- Best Solo Production

Paleoncology – Moon Dinosaur Theatre

Honorable mentions to Shadow Waltz – Wolfinger Productions and Dysmorphia Diet – Ball of Clay

CEAD – Texte le Plus Prometteur

Le Monstre – Olivier Arteau-Gauthier

RUBIKS – Visual Identity

Kitt & Jane: an interactive guide to the Near-Post-Apocalyptic Future – SNAFU Dance Theatre

MAINLINE – Creativity Award

Insane Dance Double Feature: No Fun / Breaking Boundaries – Still Milking the New Sacred Cow

LES VÉTÉRANS-FRANCOS – Meuilleur Production Francophone:

Le Monstre – Théâtre Kata

Spirit of the Fringe Award

T. Anthony Marotta of Hue Man: He Volution

Thank you Vadim for the pics from the Frankie Awards.  You can check out all the pictures from the Fringe right here.

frankies victoria-sophie-sarah-allafrance

Sophie Croteau, Al Lafrance, Victoria Laberge and Sarah Deshaies


I was happy two of the shows I saw won awards. Sense Gentle and Johnny Legdick. Two completely different shows that moved me in different ways. They deserved their awards!

Although there are so many shows I didn’t get to catch, this was my first real Fringe experience. I will have  a recap of my Fringe in the next couple of days but to sum it up: It was 3 weeks of long nights, moving plays, 11 second dance parties, meeting new people, venue hopping, soul discovering, conquering hangovers and above all a lot of fun. I had the time of my life and next year, the mob will be back in full force and with new meaning. You are the most intense festival I have covered and I can’t wait to come back next year for more!


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