Quickie Review: Sense Gentle

Show three of my Thursday escapade was Sense Gentle. I had been invited by the writer Jesse Stong to come and review the show. Starring and Gavin Crawford and Kyle Travis Young, I was more than eager to go and see this show. I never thought I would leave the way I did.

Its the story of two guys who accidently started seeing each other every Thursday in the park. Every week, more information is divulged by both parties and slowly a connection is being made. What I failed to tell you is that the character played by Gavin Crawford is a special one. Oliver is obsessive-compulsive. He loves numerology. He’s someone that many wouldn’t give a second chance because of his ways. Bambi, who is looking for love,  sees through this and before our eyes, their relationship blossoms.

I have a sister with special needs. And like Oliver, she is seen differently. I forgot I was watching him act. His actions and maneurism were all so familiar. Even the jokes are the same! He connected with the audience and the relationship between him and Bambi, even being so different from one another, they still found a way to see through each others bullshit and be more than just friends. Sometimes in life you have to take a chance. When the show hit it’s climax, the whole crowd was taking aback. Not only were we not expecting it we we’re so happy for them. Who knew a kiss, a simple kiss, can be so beautiful.

I remember leaving feeling so warm, touched and wanting to see my boyfriend. It’s plays like Sense Gentle that remind me of how great live theatre is.

Simple props, smart writing,  and great acting.

Hats off and a Standing O for this show..

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