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2015-06-21 13.49.32A one woman show, Leah R. Vinebarg wrote and starred in ‘Tuesday Seeds of War Draft 1 “The Hunt”‘ is about loss and a longing for closeness and connectivity to those that we have lost. But it’s not only about the ones that are lost, but also for those who are here, who are right in front of us. Armed with her knapsack, Vinebarg’s performance was a hard one to swallow because of the variety of emotions conveyed through her movements and piercing stare. Balancing harder moments with some comedic relief, Vinebarg addressed the connections and humanity that dangles in a society that seems relatively acceptive of war and killing brothers and sisters alike.  Vinebarg  asked random audience members if she could listen to their heart beats. This tender moment truly demonstrated a certain vulnerability and humility that truly resonated throughout the room.

Ironically, it is harder today to feel connected to those around us, strangers or friends, despite (and perhaps because of) the technology that should bring ease and peace of mind. When the play was over, the room was as silent as it was when the lights were dimmed. That was the effect that this play had on a clearly touched and emotional audience.