MTL Fringe Festival: Where Were You When I Was Coming?

After a long work shift on Saturday, I treated myself to “Where Were You When I Was Coming?” with the hopes of adding some laughter to my tiresome day. And let me tell you something: it sure did. The play began with two mattresses and two couples. As you would expect by such a setting, both  couples were in the middle of having sex.  What better way to ruin a perfectly exhilarating moment than having your significant other ruin your orgasm by seeing him playing a game on his phone?

In this hilarious yet realistic depiction of love and intimacy in today’s society, director Ira S. set out an interesting and hilarious play on a topic that can lead many to hate modern day dating today. Pinning two beds on opposing sides of the stage in Espace 4001, the two couples would act side by side, sometimes speaking in sync, or simply finishing each others sentences. You would hear the men’s side of the story: playing games on the phone adds a certain edge to the experience! 2015-06-20 20.52.11Then you would hear the women`s side of the story, aka their own sexual fantasies and absolutely terrifying their partners. Having missed only a line or two of synchronicity, demonstrating how difficult it is to speak and do the same movements at the same time, the actors did a superb job and barely missed a beat. This was one of my favourite shows of the festival!

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