Drunken Masters : Massive Bartending Competition during Just For Laughs

Presented by bar Le Mal Nécessaire the  Drunken Masters is a speed cocktail making competition that brings together the best of the best Quebec’s bartenders; 30 for this special event! One after the other each bartender has to shake together 5 known cocktails to the best of their ability and as fast as possible! The best will face off in a blind round where they discover the drinks to make at that very moment! The winner will take home the title of Drunken Master 2017 and a $1000 check and additional treats! This year Just For Laughs‘ Melting Pot Block Party is proud to welcome the competition during the Festival in collaboration with Ton Barbier

Prepare you glass because this competition has tons of tasty sponsors!

Bacardi – Cointreau – Bombay Sapphire – Cazadores Blanco – Canadian Club – Jim Beam – Courvoisier – Campari – Boulard – Grey Goose – Cinzano

Plus Alambika & Hector Larivee are bringing in their collaboration.

Drunken Masters has teamed up with Juste Pour Rire and will be bigger a feature event since live images from the competition will be projected on the MAC building for the entire Quartier Des Spectacles to see !!

So… Who will compete? Only your favorite bartenders, the ones who always knows exactly what ingredients to use in your cocktail when your order is: “Surprise me!” If it doesn’t ring a bell yet… Let me help you out with a list of those awesome individuals and where you could experience their magic!

Sean Sargent, Mayfair, MTL
Shawn AJ Christie, Dorchester, St-Jean
Jean-yves Roumieu, Biiru, MTL
Maxime St-Germain, Champagnerie, QC
Daniel Boulianne, Coldroom, MTL
Jordan Andrade (aka Peter Parker), MTL
Julien Vézina, L’Atelier, QC
Asilex Rodriguez, Le Lab (Plateau), MTL
Arnaud Leduc, La Drinkerie, MTL
Jean-Philippe Hughes, Le Mal Nécessaire, MTL
Gia Bach Nguyen, Kabinet, MTL
Mathieu Messier Brabant, Mile Public House, BROSSARD
Simon Wong, Le Mal Nécessaire, MTL
Andrew Park, Red Tiger, MTL
Gavin Miller, Atwater Cocktail Club, MTL
Isaac Bedard, 4e Mur, MTL
Dominic Pomrenski, Red Tiger, MTL
Elyssa Elkhouri, Agrikol, MTL
Sophie Bertrand, Atwater Cocktail Club, MTL
Jey Laflamme, La Distillerie, MTL
Simon Lesperance, Maison Boulud, MTL
Baptiste Montes, Le Lab (Plateau), MTL
Rodrigo Monaco (Rodric Flormona), La Capital, MTL
Alexandre St-Laurent, Dorchester, ST-JEAN
Jonathan Elbaz, 132 Bar Vintage, MTL
Mathieu Vandelac, Teddy, MTL
Fred Lafontaine, 132 Bar Vintage, MTL
Tep Y., La Distillerie, MTL
Mickey Rizk, Le Mal Nécessaire, MTL
Alexandre Beaudin, Royal + Teddy Bar, MTL
Bastien Rémillieux, Taverne Cobra, MTL

But you know what they say during those competitions:


To get a better taste of what to expect the video will most definitely help!

Highlights from the last two years of Drunken Masters competition:

2015: https://www.facebook.com/graham.n.warner/videos/10156462426965385/

Drunken Masters was also featured in Canal D’s documentary ‘Bar Académie’:


Also taking place that evening is the “Shuck Me Montreal Invitational’ a contest of speed Oyster Shucking! Jason Nagy of ‘Shuck Me’ will be showcasing Montreal’s finest oyster openers during Drunken Master’s Intermission between the Qualifiers and Finals.


So! Pull out your calendars and we will see you on the July 23rd!!

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