Grinding hard

This past Tuesday at Théâtre Ste-Catherine was the Fringe Edition of Grinders Comedy Show. It happens every Tuesday at 9pm where comedians will have me and do what they do best and that’s grind. Grind their jokes and their soul for some laughs.This week was super special because prior to the event, a stabbing occurred right out in front of the theatre. This made it difficult to find the entrance and may have scared some people  off. But true Fringers are always there to support their community. It’s a beautiful thing. Unlike the comedy scene, the theatre scene has a sense of community and respect that comedians just don’t have. For whatever the reason it’s like this, I’m appreciating participating  this side of the spectrum.

As I joined the crowd, the show started with two delightful hosts Stefan Petersen and Alain Mercieca. Oh I missed you Alain! The line up for this Fringe edition was:

Brad Macdonald
Jacob Greco
Mariam Khan
Jess Salomon
Rodney Ramsey
Jeff Gandell
Genius Gold
Kate Conner
Morgan O’Shea
Stefan Petersen

Stefan Petersen and Alain Mercieca

Stefan Petersen and Alain Mercieca

All funny cats but who I was really interested in seeing was Genius Gold at Zoofest! First of all Congratulations, and second… Bravo! I can’t wait to see what you guys do.

Jacob Greco and Brad Macdonald. I remember when I first saw them at the Comedy Nest open mic. I guess you can say I have a knack for picking out talent but I always knew they had potential. Here they are a year and some later proving me so right. Jacob when you release that rap song, I want a signed album please. “That shit was so funny!” I said to myself out loud. The way he goes from one joke to another with no segways, priceless.

Jeff Gandell did a promo set for his Fringe show, Danger Unit. A group of  10 year old vigilantes who fight crime. Yeah, you read that right, and it sounds great! Maybe the crowd was tired or thinking about the person who got stabbed because the laughs were a little hard to get out. But that’s what Grinding is all about. The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward.

I saw Mariam Khan for the first time and I want more please. Stefan Petersen closed the show with laughs and giggles. He too has a Fringe Show called Unretweetable. He gives away potato chips, so for sure I am going! Stefan has seemed to be this rising star to me . A guy who is so humble and so chill that when stardom does hit him, you won’t even notice because of just how laid back he is. However chill in real life, his stage presence  shows him to be very present and successful at connecting with his audience.

So every Tuesday, come and check out the real grinders of Montreal at Theatre St-Catherine, 264 St-Catherine E. Doors 8:30pm, show at 9pm. If you wish to perform, email them at or just pop in!

The Fringe is in full swing and there are shows everywhere! The 13th Hour has started at Cabaret du Mile End at 1 am (you see what they did there?) Hosted by these busy bees – Shane Adamczak, Holly Gauthier-Frankel and Vance Gillis. Three people I want to get to know more!



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