After the weekend post: The Wiggle Room presents “Burlesquing the Burlesque”

This weekend I returned to one of my new favorite venues, “The Wiggle Room” (on 3874 St. Laurent across from Schwartz) to see their Signature Saturday Burlesque show! What a treat, right?! I was very excited to check this particular production out, as I had never been to a Burlesque show before and this would be my very first time. Let me just start off by saying that I was on the edge of my seat for every minute of it! The women were all beautiful in their own unique way, and the hostess, Cherry Typhoon, had me in tears from laughing so hard. She presented herself on stage dressed as a distinguished male with a mustache! That night we saw acts from Miss Meow (AKA Yael Perez), Lulu Les Belles Mirettes, Sucre À la Crème, Seska Lee & Miss Sugarpuss, Antonio Bavaro (AKA “Tony Bravo”) Lady Josephine, and of course, our wonderful closing act Cherry Typhoon!! If you are interested in witnessing some fine quality Burlesque, look no further! The Wiggle Room and Andrea Hausmann present Signature Saturday Burlesque featuring Lou Lou La Duchesse de Rière  (Isn’t she smokin’?!) on Saturday November 23rd. For more info, check out the event posting: here.

To touch on some highlights of that evening….

The beautiful Lulu Les Belles Mirettes came out wearing an oversized habs jersey dancing to Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” I could barely tear my eyes away. I had to admit I was a little confused at first… I pictured burlesque to be essentially a grande mix of tittie tassels and seductive chair dancing, so you can imagine my confusion when Lulu stepped out on stage in her less-than-sexy getup. She was very engaging though, and had the audience grooving right along with her as she shook what her momma gave her on stage. Eventually stripping out of her jersey to reveal a sexy white sparkly two-piece and then LATER her rather fitting Montreal Canadien titty stickers (or whatever they’re called)


Sucre À la Crème’s sexy number

Sucre À la Crème’s name says it all! This sweet creamy skinned babe stole the stage with a skin-tight pink dress, and performed some seriously seductive Burlesque to the song (a personal favorite of mine)  “Good Intent” by Kimbra. The front row of the audience acted as props, as they waved wads of fake cash at her. Sucre À la Crème has such a fresh and fine finesse to her that makes you want to come to every show! It’s really refreshing to see plus sized women rocking burlesque so confidently. It sends a positive message too… you don’t have to be a size 1 to have a banging bod! That’s for damn sure!

Cherry Typhoon did a great job reinforcing this message that night, as she reassured us that not only does she love beautiful women and men, but that each and every single one of us in attendance that night was also as she put it “Very very sexy!!”

Ah, now for my next favorite highlight of that evening!


Lady Josephine and her seductive eyeball

Ladies and gents, I present to you: Lady Josephine!
Definitely one of my favorite acts from that night… I remember when Cherry Typhoon was getting ready to present Lady Josephine to the audience and I turned my head to look behind my shoulder, I fixated my attention to the back of the venue. A tall and slender woman with a red wig, wearing what I believe was a long black cape. She looked like she was out of some crazy foreign film ready to kick some serious booty! As she strides her way up to the front of the stage, eyes followed her as if they are glued. The music started, and she began acting out the motion of gauging her own eyeball out of her skull, and then as the red stage curtains parted, she could be seen wearing a badass pink eye patch. A gigantic sponge eyeball lay center stage (as depicted in the picture above) So to put it most simply, only Lady Josephine could make an inflatable eyeball look tantalizing and seductive!


Sexy duo, Seska Lee and Miss Sugarpuss!

Seska Lee and Miss Sugarpuss were great on stage together as a duo,  keeping the energy alive and they pretended that they were doing a rehearsal for the show, and pre-recordings of their voice boomed over the sound system detailing their mental thought processes and insecure thoughts. A good example would be “Miss SugarPuss what are you doing? You KNOW you’re too fat to dance!”

Miss Sugarpuss actually made more than one appearance on stage, the first time as a Janitor dressed up as a male, mustache included. Vivaciously she danced around the stage with her janitor’s broom… quite the sight for sore eyes indeed… as she got into it and began stripping her less-than-revealing janitor duds, she had on underneath a white wife-beater with visibly faux armpit and chest hair underneath! Too funny! I don’t know how she manages to still look stunning even with something as ridiculous on as a mustache.

Overall, I give this incredible show a rating of 10/10 I am pleased that I took the time to check it out, it was a great way to spend my Saturday, and I highly encourage you to check out their next Signature Saturday Burlesque show,  if you’re looking for something fun to do next Saturday night with your loved one or friends.

Happy Burlesquing, folks!

Grace 🙂

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