The Wiggle Room presents: Voix de Ville Variety Show

I have heard ample positive revues about The Wiggle Room venue. Being there for the first time was a truly incredible experience for me, and I met a lot of really amazing people at the Voix de Ville Variety Show. The Wiggle Room is certainly one of the more congenial venues that I have recently checked out, and possesses a certain “Je ne se quoi”. It’s warm and inviting appeal really added to the positive vibes throughout the bar and audience. I would also like to add that the red stage curtains are sweet, and my opinion, really capture the essence of theatrical presentation and ambiance.The “Voix de Ville Variety” show speaks for itself — as there was certainly no shortage of variety that night! Hosted by Montreal’s own Paul Ash, he has put together truly a most unique show. We saw acts from Andrew Searles, Victoria Laberge, Atom Balm the Human Pincushion, Vincent the Mentalist Magician, Renea Murray as Glitter Galore, and Karl Knox that were inclusive of everything ranging from singing songs about ‘stoner boys’ on the ukulele, people getting sawed in half, magic tricks, burlesque, and comedy! Wow! Quite the lineup indeed, right? There was no shortage of fun the be had at this show. A smile found its way to my lips and found a home for the night.

Where to start?! I will touch on a few of my favorite performances of the night.




Comedian Andrew Searles graced us with his comedic presence and had the entire audience laughing. His stage presence is undeniable.  Add to this his delivery and storytelling abilities, you got yourself a hell of a comic. He is even lovelier in person when you talk to him 1-on1. You can catch him at the Comedy Works tonight and tomorrow, 4 shows.

Also, another highlight of the show was watching Atom Balm the Human Pincushion perform the gruesome action of shoving nails up his nose and into his skull (remarkably without shedding any blood whatsoever!) and needles through his cheeks and arms! Who knows where the hell those nails go…or how he manages to refrain from bleeding all over himself and the stage. Either it’s an amazing optical illusion, or Mr. Atom Balm just has a few screws loose! I was awed, weirded out, and was completely mesmerized all at once.

Victoria Laberge dazzled the audience with two beautifully sung ballads, and rocked an incredibly cute black and red checkered dress… j’adore! My favorite song that she sang was ‘Stoner Boy” a catchy, well written love song. Laberge really knows how to rock a crowd with a ukulele! I had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with her after the show and she was an absolute darling. After the show was over, everyone in the audience was able to cast two votes on a ballad, for their preferred performances and Victoria came in 1st place. I hope she continues to pursue this incredible talent of hers. She was definitely my personal favorite of the night, as I wrote her name down on my own ballad as well.


Glitter Glamour popped my burlesque cherry. That is all.

Overall, to sum it up in short, the Voix de Ville Variety has been one of the coolest and engaging shows that I have been to since I’ve come to Montreal! I had so much fun! Congratulations to Victoria Laberge for winning the best act and Monarch of the Mountain title, you go girl! It happens every Wednesday at the Wiggle Room, 3874 St-Laurent, right across Schwartz!

See you there


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