It’s important not to forget about our roots but it’s also important to help continuously the nourishment of those roots. By that, I mean there were notorious people in black history that we all mention at some point today in our life but have been forgotten. In order to keep the topic relevant, we have to recognize the talented people from our community doing awesomeness out there.We need to give recognition to these pioneers of their community and support them not only by mentioning them but also by sharing what they do.

Now, what could possibly be better than the Gala Dynastie.

“Celebrated as part of Black History Month, Gala Dynastie’s main mission is to honour people from Quebec’s Black communities, through a major event. Gala Dynastie aspires to gather and honour a variety of figures from the worlds of culture, business, media, sports, and community work, as well as creators, all of whom contribute to projecting a positive image and strong role models for the generations to come.”

A first edition gala that promotes and nominates distinguished black public figures, artists, entrepreneurs and more. A very opportunistic night to see what we have to offer, to reward and show appreciation for our people. THE PEOPLE!

Mlle Geri

Anne-Lovely Étienne

In the nominee list, I couldn’t be less than excited when I saw that two beautiful woman that I had the opportunity to meet were nominated. You know I am all about fashion and living the good life so I can’t go without naming these gorgeous, talented, and inspiring women . Gérardine commonly known as Mlle Geri and Anne-Lovely Étienne in the category of French Web Influence of the year.

This event is not to be missed, Gael Comtois and Cindy Charles are hosting the night that will be taking place at the Olympia on March 5th at 20:00 doors opening at 19:00. I hope to see you all out there.

Tickets are available here
Hurry y’all! #allblackeverything

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