Black History Month – BLACK MUSES EXPO

In the last few weeks a number of heated conversations have been significantly present on our social media newsfeeds such as #oscarsowhite and #blackface. Diversity representation has been questioned a lot these days, just in time for Black History Month.

Although they are important issues, let’s balance the conversation with something more positive such as driven and extraordinary black women in the music industry. Ralph Boncy assemble together women that inspired him to create the Égéries Noire Black Muses Expo and it’s worth the look. It is nice to remind ourselves and/or learn about (in my case both!) that the honoured women do not all represent the typical Hip Hop culture! That’s right people! There is something for everyone and both your ears! From Indie, Opera, Jazz, Pop to Slam to name a few, I’m sure you’ll go home discovering something new. Part of these women’s hearts belongs to Montreal and we should be proud!

So if you are just passing by Place des Arts or actually plan this activity be sure to take a selfie and Hashtag   or   . Don’t worry you’ll know exactly where to take it! Took mine pretty quickly but at least my social media duty is done!

The expo is on from Feb. 05 to 28 and is taking place in Espace Culturel Gorges-Émile-Lapalme during Black History Month. Click here for more info.

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