Candyass Club Cabaret burlesque show @ Café Cléopatre

We could all use a little more spice in our life, and what better way to do so than to attend burlesque’s best, as Candyass Club Cabaret presents to us on Friday Nov. 8th at the Café Cléopatre. This is a flirtatious and fun production where people can really come together and just be themselves,  sharing the first-hand experience of viewing quality burlesque over drinks. You can expect intricate and beautifully designed costumes, (or sometimes lack there-of) as well as show content that teeters on the verge of ultra-sexy to deliciously theatrical. Definitely an entertaining spectacle for the eyes, and an even better excuse to get off of the couch and leave the house! If you’ve never been to a Candyass show before, click the link to check out a video to give you a better sense of what the show is all about:

It takes place on Friday (Vendredi ) Nov. 8th 2013 and goes from 9pm-2am

The show is essentially a theatrical mesh between burlesque and drag, with an impressive lineup of MC’s that are as follows:

“MC Lise Vigneault:

Delightful burlesque crooner Damiana Dolce!
Lady Hoops – sassy and sexy hooper
Diane LaBelle – the sublime badass bellydancer
Corey and Millie – the puppet
Coeur de lion
Isabelle Dionne
Jiji Goodwitch and La Cherie Coquette
Roxie Hardon 
Tommy Toxic

and DJ Franco”

So you’re interested, right? Come and check it out at  Café Cléopatre on November 8th, located on 1230 Boul. St-Laurent.
There is a door fee of 10$ and If you have any questions or concerns, call 514-816-8054.

I also strongly encourage that you check out the official website here:

Hope you see you there!

Boss Grace

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