Connie’s May Lust List

May has arrived, and spring is in full bloom!    This month for me is dedicated to indulging the senses starting with these three things…an unbelievable place, a scent that I cannot get enough of, and the must have “it” bag that I am, quite literally, dreaming about!

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Destination:  Cappadocia.  Most people think of Istanbul when you mention Turkey, but Cappadocia is said to be an experience like no other.  I have had the pleasure of traveling to many mysterious even majestic places but this one might just surpass them with its dreamlike qualities.  The distinctive rock formations fashioned from years of erosion are often referred to as “fairy chimneys”.  The best way to view them is said to be from the air, where the historic landscape spreads out before you during a hot air balloon ride…rumor has it…even this…gets better with a glass of champagne!

connie lust list - hot air balloon

The city is filled with cave hotels that take advantage of the unique terrain.  With over 30 suites each exceptional in their own way, the Museum Hotel is a stunningly restored ancient monastery and touted to be the ultimate in cave luxury!

Connie - Istanbul_BLOG

2. Cire Trudon Candles

Indulgence:  One of the best gifts that I have every received is the Great Candle from Cire Trudon in Abd El Kader or otherwise known as Moroccan Mint Tea.

These candles come in a variety of sizes and fragrances- the Great Candle is the ultimate indulgence and burns for approximately 200 hours.  I light it every night, allowing the flickering light and soothing scent of spearmint with notes of black currant, ginger, jasmine to gently waft throughout my living room.  As an additional inspiration…one of our clients has the Great Candle on every step of their cellar leading to their collection of rare and unique wines.  J’adore!!!


Photo courtesy of Barneys.com.

As one of the oldest candle companies, the Trudon name dates back to 1643, when Claude Trudon first sold candles to patrons of his Paris shop.  The family went on to become the main supplier of candles to Versailles.  What’s good enough for noblemen….

3. Louis Vuitton Petit-Malle Bag

LOVE at first sight:  This luxurious bag has already become the must-have bag for Fall 2014.  Designed by Nicholas Ghesquiere one of fashions most sought after and with the literal meaning “little trunk” ownership definitely has its privileges.  One would definitely be travelling in style with this as an accessory.  There is already a waiting list and only chicest need apply.


Photo courtesy of Fashionista.com.

The Petite-Malle comes in the signature LV monogram or in a hard case with a removable cover.  Alternatively, for a more minimalist aesthetic it is available with a metallic sheen or in a two toned color-blocking motif.

Once again…it is official…. Louis and Nicholas have stolen my heart and taken my breath away!

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