Fringe Recap

It has been 2 weeks sonce the Fringe has ended but its still very much alive in me. Even with two huge festivals coming up, i can’t let go pf my first real Fringe experience.

What did I experience? Where do I start? There were iver a 100 different shows to see and we as a mob managed to cover just about 30 of them. I have to give it up to Bloody Underated for being the kings of press when it comes to the Fringe.  They covered all, I repeat all of the shows during Fringe. An amazing feet I won’t attempt for next year but my goal would be to cover at least half of them.

Seriously awesome job guys.

My experience as media was superb. No problems to see shows, everyone was super flexible and understanding. Information was readily available and schedules easy to follow.


As a show-goer, I saw some amazing theatre, comedy, dance and anything in between. I was moved, I laughed I even cried. Having done theatre in the past, I know the kind of work, effort, passion, and discipline goes into a play. Now do that times 6-10 times and you got yourself some pretty talented folks.
I wish I could have seen more shows and meet more of you though. So many great characters, beautiful faces. ..

the Fringe knows how to get a party started and keep it going. The 13th Hour is so much fun and so the spirit of the FRINGE.

The Fringe has a sense of community that I haven’t seen before. Maybe it’s because you all have to work with each other or maybe because your art styles are so different from each other or maybe because it was my first year but I never felt a sense of rivalry only a sense of community and support for other artists. Really amazing to see.

To those I didn’t make out to your show, drop us a line and we will gladly help promote your next show, no matter what city it’s in.

See you next year! I’ll bee there!

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