Gear ideas for fall and winter 2013 from KARV, J Shoes and Boxfresh!

You know that time is coming! It’s either back to school, back to work or just another excuse to boost your wardrobe for this fall and winter season!  Karv, J Shoes and Boxfresh are offering ideas that I find are also great investments.


This Quebec brand is mostly addressed to men but here’s some pieces that caught my eye.

Photo 2013-08-05 2 24 30 PM







I personally think that the lumber shirt will never go out of style but Back off ladies! This one is for men!


Front                                                                      Back

Photo 2013-08-05 2 25 51 PM

Photo 2013-08-05 2 26 02 PM











Photo 2013-08-05 2 25 17 PM

Photo 2013-08-05 2 25 08 PM










Loved wearing those loose chiffon shirt, they were very in this summer. I guess we’ll keep on wearing them for a couple months ladies!

Wanna see more click on the link to view their entire collection :


J Shoes

“This is the good life!”

The inspiration for J SHOES Autumn/Winter 2013 is always premium quality

We could describe their brand as urban rustic chic. but the are also comfortable and flexible. Theses are the kind of shoes that ages beautifully as we work them.



Photo 2013-08-05 2 18 51 PMPhoto 2013-08-05 2 19 43 PM










Photo 2013-08-05 2 16 42 PM








Wanna see more click on the link to view their entire collection :



Here fellas! Enough said!

Photo 2013-08-05 2 13 42 PM Photo 2013-08-05 2 13 17 PM Photo 2013-08-05 2 12 36 PM Photo 2013-08-05 2 12 04 PM














You can find most of Boxfresh’s collection at

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