Get ready to laugh, Montreal Sketchfest 10th Anniversary is almost upon us

It is nearly that time again, where we get to gorge ourselves on fun times and laugh the days away. This time though, it’s extra special because we’re celebrating! Montreal Sketchfest is 10 years old! May 21-30, Théâtre Ste-Catherine and Montréal Improv Theatre will play host to 60 local and out of town improv troupes from all over North America. That’s 10 days filled with people from Vancouver to Toronto and LA to New York, whose main mission is to entertain you and make you laugh! (Ok, and maybe they’re trying to win some prizes, but that just means they’ll be trying  even harder!)

I liken sketch comedy to kids gathering their parents and whoever is around in the living room and putting on a show with props most likely scavenged from their mom’s closet. While there certainly may be troupes that bring that to mind, there are also the ones that will be more finely tuned like the stuff you find on television, such as SNL, MadTV, et cetera. Whether they’re more polished or less so, the one thing all the performers have in common is the fun they are obviously having, and even as an observer that kind of excitement is contagious. This year with the record number of troupes, there will be plenty of shows to choose from. 60 to be exact. In 10 days! No matter what, you will find something to put a smile on your face.

To start you off, here are are a few standouts I noted from the lineup announcement event (click the name and  a new tab will open with more information on the troupe):

Falcon Powder (Toronto)
Ladies & Gentlemen (Montreal)
Tall Sigh (Toronto)
The Priesty Boyz (Montreal)
Peter n’ Chris (Vancouver)
The Dead Dads Club (New York)

If the line-up reveal a few weeks ago is any indication, Montreal Sketchfest’s 10th Anniversary is going to be amazing! Find the full line-up and more about the troupes HERE.

The sketch community is a friendly and fun one, be sure to go out to the 10th anniversary edition of Montreal’s International Sketch Comedy Festival and see for yourself. Be a kid again!

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image credit: Montreal Sketchfest & FREDC

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