Hannibal Buress Montreal Review

Hannibal Buress. Damn.


I know what you’re thinking.

Hannibal’s show at the Astral last night was INSANE. AIN-SANE!

The place was so packed that some people that arrived late, had to STAND UP and watch the show (what-is-this-a-third-world-country-like-india-where-it-so-overpopulated- people-have-to-stand-all-the-time-even-at-the-movies).

Hannibal Buress has gotten so much more popular in a year. In his show last year, the crowd was not nearly as full and as enthusiastic as this year.

For people who are unfamiliar with his style of comedy, you might not get it at first, but once you do, it’s just hilarious. Think of the first time you watched The Office, and you were confused by when or what to laugh at or to, but once you understood, it became one of your favorite shows.artist_pic-hannibal_buress

He’s been getting more tv time, good word to mouth reputation and Louis CK even mentioned that Hannibal’s his favorite stand-up artist.
Now if you don’t respect Louis CK’s opinion and it doesn’t make you want to check out Mr. Buress, then you might as well be on the wrong website.

What I love about Hannibal’s style, is his really quirky jokes and, mainly, these made-up dialogues or scenes he creates.
He creates characters articulating a ridiculous situation and it’s not like there’s a punchline. The punchline is the characters articulating the the situation.

One of his bit is about how in the New Orleans you can “supposedly” get a sort of marching band to follow you and that’s enough to consider it a parade in New Orleans. “(…)disrupt traffic for only 300$.”

and then what he does is creates a characters being in the situation.
So he has two people in a car, talking to each other
“God damn, is that him again?”
“Of course it’s him again! Who else would it be at 2pm on a Wednesday?”

now, I probably didn’t quote this correctly, but this small talk between two people, in the flow of the bit just kills it. These characters talk like this is just a normal occurrence they have to deal with in this Hannibal Universe.

“2pm on wednesday” like WHY “2pm on wednesday” ? Like, Hannibal has just nothing better to do than to specifically disrupt traffic at 2 pm on a wednesday?!

There is just so much you can analyze in his stand up bits.

It seems like Hannibal has created his own universe with very articulate characters that need to speak out what is going on. You also have characters the are indirectly affected by the “event” or “situation”, so it brings so much depth to a bit.

Also, what’s so appealing about Hannibal is how familiar he feels. He just reminds us of a funny uncle that just stops you when you do something stupid, and then analyzes why what you did was stupid, and then creates a whole narrative with multiple characters and where you are the main protagonist who is thinking out loud while doing the stupid thing you had done and how the world around you has been affected by it.

Anyway, great show, definitely recommend you to check him out, or at least youtube him.

Now, his show last night was his only one man show.

BUT DON’T WORRY! You still have another chance to catch him at The Nasty Show, where Jimmy Car is also one of the performers!

I definitely recommend you guys to go see The Nasty Show just so you can get a chance to see Hannibal Buress!
Do it before he becomes too famous and you got to pay 70$ for a seat to one of his shows!


-Ashutosh K. Gupta

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