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There’s a lot going on in the comedy scene Montreal. New venues, new shows being produced and the new rave: podcast. Yes, they have been popping up all around town. Each one looking to be the next hot new shit on Internet air. I will soon be adding a comedian directory as well as a page with a list of podcast so if you have one and I don’t know about it, send me an email to  As Massimo puts it: “It’s time to bring this to the next level!”
Where do I start? Right here.

Insert Radio Here is made up of four funny people: Reese Turner, Katelynd Kuhar, Michael Lewin and Pat Tremblay. They get together twice a month and put together a radio show.
Is it vulgar? Yes. It’s politically incorrect? Yes. Will it will make you laugh? Mos def!
Here’s the last episode:
I like playing it around the house. Because they are very creative and humorous, it’s non stop fun. Meaning that it’s not just one hour of talking back and forth. They have put in all kinds of commercials, different voices, little skits, sound effects… If I were blind, I would be listening to this all the time. It’s so well done that the visuals are easy to make. You never know what’s about to come. A lot of work goes into every episode. Not just the creative part but the technical part of editing, adding music and getting the timing right. They have aced it on all points.
So check out their past episodes and find them on Facebook and Twitter too!
I just learned that the team may have a fresh idea for a brand new show so stay tuned for that.
I relate a lot to these guys as in they’re doing what they love most, even if it’s hard to monetize.
Sometimes I wish that we could siphon money out of the fake and snobby fashion world and inject it into the comedy scene. We know what next year’s fashion will be. If I’m correct, it will be a horrible merge of the early 90s and the late 90s. Fluorescent boxers/thongs meet baggy jeans. Fashion is like the movie The Thing: they keep remaking the same shit over and over again, it’s just a different color and the models have changed. Comedy is a craft that I admire and respect. Contrary to popular belief, it ain’t easy making people laugh. Especially a room full of them all staring at you. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make it in this business. There’s so much talent going around unaccounted for and not appreciated the way they ought to be.That’s what motivates me to take this blog to the next level and help get Montreal comedians get the recognition, support and Big- Ups that they deserve.
Another podcast post is around the corner so take it easy,
Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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