The Red Herring McGill Semi-Annual Comedy


Last night was the bi-annual Red Herring McGill Comedy night which gathers some of McGill’s most talented comics and writers. This time the show took place at Sala Rossa which has great potential for a comedy venue. The crowd was enthusiastic but the energy didn’t fill the room as it had in smaller venues in the past (the previous show was held at Trois Minot).
Stephen Spinola aka Mr McStevie started the show, despite being very tired as he pointed out he managed to get the show off to a good start, an affable character he can hold the crowd with just a look or some fun audience participation. The night carried on with medium energy and dotted with some highlights.
Emma Overton, a writer for the Red Herring and Cult Montreal, read a hilarious piece of “literotica” dissecting an intimate night between Roseanne and Dan Conner, describing Dan’s physique at one point as “a dead baluga whale”. Very funny stuff. Dave Kuyek was another highlight, reading out “Chapter 2″ of a story about a detective who has a romantic encounter with a blonde stranger.
Brad MacDonald, who has only been on the circuit for a few months, entertained the audience with his approachable manner and insight into the inner workings of his mind.
I would also like to point out, Kevin Shustack, one of the editors of the Red Herring and coordinator of the evening. Every time I see him he gets better and better and I think he’s nailed the deadpan one liners, looking forward to seeing more of him.
Chris Locke closed the show which was a tough job after a long intermission and a decline in audience numbers. He did well to hold his own but unfortunately the environment didn’t let him reach his full potential. Definitely worth seeing him though.
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