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I am happy to write this article today because it’s about something that all of us need to know about. Since June this year, I’ve discovered a new field of interest that has been keeping me really busy but also very happy. You know when you go somewhere and you just get good vibes because of what you are surrounded with? Well, I would advise that you read carefully because I am about to tell you so that you can feel it too.

As Renzel told me during this interview,  humor is like a professional sport – you don’t become the greatest by staying home. It’s mandatory that you practice your art. When there is only one ethnic spot, you create your own opportunities. You can come and check the squad:

Every Wednesday

8PM Ti-Agrikol

1840 Rue Amherst, Montréal, QC H2L 3L6

Only four years ago, Renzel Dashington decided to create the next Just for Laugh experience by creating ‘’Bad Boys Du Rire’’ who has the goal of replacing it one day. Today they are a team of dedicated individuals working to deliver the best laughs in the city and eventually internationally.
As per Renzel and probably all Haitians, I believe we can all agree to say that laughter is a part of who we are. At our family gatherings, BBQ’s and such there is always laughter. So why not show people what we’re about! Always forward never backward, so let’s start laughing forward together.

What’s Bad Boys Du Rire? & Who’s behind it?

To be a minority means the same thing everywhere in the world and it doesn’t only refer to minority in the difference of color but also in the ideology. We arrive with a different point of view and yes we might talk about the same thing at times, but because we come from a different place it sounds completely different. We can’t see JFL as a competitor because we are not doing the same thing.  To make it simple, Bad Boys Du Rire is a collective that includes a lot of artists. At the time being, we are sold out every gala with 250 seats and I can tell you that the plan is to be seating twice as much of what we are doing now.

What it’s mission?

When I explain the mission of BBDR I try to explain to people who look like me and that don’t relate to what is created and represented out that this is us. It started with a fear when I was watching Dead Obies on ‘’ Tout le monde en parle’’ and they were talking about the ‘80s in New York and I realize that if I want to read about this subject; it’s doable as to if something were to happen to all the others but the white, our story in Quebec is not documented. This gives me an urge! Even if no media is willing to give us the room we’ll keep our story alive.

How can one become a part of it?

It’s owned by the ones to whom it serves. BBDR is the public and the artist together. People come to see us because laughing is necessary to them while others come due to their need to express themselves to a public that wants to hear it. It’s always a pleasure to see the people who support us and appreciate what we do. Again, BBDR is to everyone to whom it serves but Open-Mic every Friday is open to all and the 10 best stand-ups within 3 months are selected to be a part of the gala. At this point you are official and you become royalty.

In my past life I was a promoter, then a producer working with Corneille. This is when I realized that I was contributing to something that is called the black extraordinarism. This is an excuse that people use to justify themselves when they say things like: ” You see that guy, he’s good I like him”.  Now I come in with my guys and we’re strong,  then I have to deconstruct the ideology that you have because I have 10 guys and they are all good.  They come in all shades and now it has to deconstruct all the thoughts that you have of others because we are painting an image of a world that you don’t know.

Now If I understand correctly, it is not exclusive to the black community?

It’s just a coincidence that the team is mostly black individual but it doesn’t matter where you’re from, although it’s for us first. I wish for anyone who is not black to have an immersive experience to be around us. To understand that we have our own reference points as well and that we are indeed a community. For me, the mission of BBDR is to show ourselves who we are first. I’ve come to realize that we often define ourselves for everything that we are not instead of celebrating who we are already. Our mission is to make people think about who we are now,  even though we sometimes idolize who we can be. We are laughing about who we are today, not slave us, not 1970s us, but right now us. Now when you come to the show and you are not one of us, you learn about us.

What to expect when coming to your shows?

To laugh a lot! Some people come to our show for the first time and have never laughed that much in their entire life. What we do is new, just like seeing in 3D for the first time.

Are there any tickets left?

Always, not too much, never.

Now if you didn’t get it, get your tickets ASAP. With all that being said, I expect each and one of you to come laugh like there is no tomorrow TONIGHT at their show  N.W.A.R. 

Buy your tickets online to secure your seat and here is a valid 15% promo code: BADB15

Zoofest & Off-JFL presents

Bad Boys du rire présente: NWAR

July 19th 2019

10:30 pm – 11:30 pm / Doors: 10:00 pm
305 Ste-Catherine O, Montréal, QC, Canada
Line up:  Hassan Mahbouba, Mibenson Sylvain, Ousama Fares, Renzel Dashington, Reda Saoui, Anas Hasouna

Upcoming shows:

July 28 – Le HYPE est real

Ausgang Plaza: 6524 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2M3

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