She The People hits the Just For Laughs Festival and leaves us wanting more

Last night, I popped my JFL cherry with a show that has been getting rave reviews wherever it goes. SHE THE PEOPLE kicked off their Just For Laughs run leaving me wanting more.

I had the chance to interview the director Carly Heffernan about the show coming to Montreal and her excitement could not be contained.

The show is about all the different issues that women face on a day-to-day basis. From reproductive rights and bitch brunches to breakups and ridiculous commercials, they had all exits covered.

From left to right: Tricia Black, Paloma Nuñez, Karen Parker, Ashley Comeau, Kirsten Rasmussen and Ann Pornel

The show is stacked with women of all flavors: Ann Pornel, Ashley Comeau, Kirsten Rasmussen, Paloma Nuñez, Tricia Black and Karen Parker all bring their personal flair and experience to this show and the combination is magnificent.

The ladies of Second City Toronto proved that a women director, women producers and women performers can put on a hell of a show without the man-bashing

I myself have not always been a fan of MY TEAM, but I found myself believing that women can rule the world and we could do it, if not better, just as well as men.

The show is broken down into different sketches which makes it easy to digest and see all the crap women put up with. What makes a captivating piece of theatre with minimal props? Well-timed audio cues, seamless transitions and music to keep you engaged. SHE THE PEOPLE had it all.

Tricia Black though, I have to say, brought the laughter out of me. Her delivery, her stage presence and musical abilities all make a super performer. She writes, composes and produces original Canadian musicals with her award-winning theatre company, Tweed & Company Theatre.

Kirsten Rasmussen is an award-winning comedian that Mobtreal has covered over the years. It was a delight to see her after so many years, still kicking ass in her element and dominating her craft.

My personal favorites had to be the singing sketches where the hilarity was out of control. A baby surfing the crowd while singing a happy song, it doesn’t get better than that. Actually, it does when the T-REX comes on stage.

Yeah, you heard me.

They brought in the clowns and you’ll agree, they all look pretty funny.

SHE THE PEOPLE is a most entertaining sketch comedy show not to be missed whether you’re a woman or man, you’ll love it!

SHE THE PEOPLE is now playing at the Centaur Theatre from July 23rd to 27th. Buy your tickets at and don’t miss out on this magnetized show.

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